Balk Off Win

My Dodger day began very early. It started with the premium club luncheon which started at 11:30.  I never know how the traffic will be so I left early at 9:30.  I was right, the traffic was heavy even then.  It took me more than an hour to get there.  At the only gate that was open, I told the guard that I was going to a luncheon and that I also wanted to go to the Top of the Park gift shop to get a jersey personalized. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get through.

I was, of course, the first one there.  I am usually nominated to be the person to snatch the best seats in the house for everyone, the best seats in the house being in front of wherever the microphones are.  Remember in school, you never wanted to be in the very front. 

The luncheon was fun.

  The food was yummy.  The luncheon was in the Lexus Dugout Club.  The fare included a delicious tri tip, pasta, salad and turkey.
  I chose a wonderful chocolate cake for dessert
  and a cute strawberry petite dessert.  The cheesecake in the background was not mine, by the way.
  Orel Hersheiser was the commentator.  He is witty, warm and personality-plus.
  One of the guests was Justin Turner, one of the nicest and talented members of the organization.   He is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton.  He was articulate and informative.  One of the comments made by a guest made me angy.  He told Justin that although the garden gnome was Tommy Lasorda, that Justin looked more like one. It was a little inconsiderate.  Justin answered with a little humor, that that wasn’t the first time he’s heard that. 
 Notice the Dodgers tattoo on his left hand.  Interesting.  I expect that he will be with the Dodgers for a while.
The other guest was Scotty Van Slyke who was very down to earth, destined to be a jock because of his athletic family.  Apparently he had to take a brief time-out since he felt overwhelmed with sports.

He was a perfect contrast to Justin

I always think that the Dodgers look so different when they are not in uniform.  Scotty definitely knows how to go casual.
  Always ready for a photo op.  Justin took this selfie which is probably why it’s a little off center.  Guys and selfies.  Women are probably better at it.
  I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a pic with the great Orel Hersheiser.
  And a pic with the beautiful Tess
Scotty seemed to be in a hurry to leave so I didn’t get the chance to get a picture with him.  He is so tall that I look like I am standing in a hole when I am next to him.

I had a couple of hours to kill before batting practice, so I went to the Top of the Park store.  I still wanted to get my jersey personalized.  It was very hot so it was a relief to go in the air conditioned store.  There was still a little problem with the “R”s.


It’s always fun to watch the guys stretching before batting practice.

During batting practice, I was busy taking pictures. Mike Bolsinger was walking down the field. He saw me, came up to me and gave me a huge hug. It surprised me but gave me such a thrill. 

  Justin definitely looks very different in uniform
the triplets.  I wonder if they do this one purpose to keep the fans guessing

  Brett Anderson, Scotty Van Slyke, Clayton and AJ on the enemy side.  My spy cam doesn’t miss anything.
  My wonderful friends who were guests on the enemy side: David, Pat, Kathy (a friend visiting from Palm Springs) and the lovely Norma
  Zack was warming up
  Zack is doing so well even without run support.  He has not had a win in a while.  
  It’s always interesting to see our guys on the enemy side.
  The weather was absolutely perfect.  The sun was in a different position so our seats were already shady.

  I almost forgot about the food. It was time to eat again. Caesar salad is always good
  Turkey, mushrooms and street corn on the cob

  Meatloaf sliders
  Haha I think the players know exactly where I am.  What do you think?  Notice the pink polish on Yas’s right hand.
  Why do I get the feeling Zack is looking right at me?
  Or that Yasiel is too?
And I think my buddy just photobombed my picture of Yasiel signing autographs.

  And Yas also seems to look right at me.  He isn’t smilng.
  The game was frustrating.  Most games that are a pitchers’ duel are.  However the Dodgers didn’t seem to score with runners in scoring position. (RISP).
  It seems the Rangers always had a plan because they almost swept us.
 It’s not that there were never any runners on base

  They just never were able to score a run
  I can imagine that if we fans were frustrated, that the players would be even more frustrated.
  A moment of frustration for Andre
  It ended a bit bizarrely in a “walk off balk” thanks to Lorenzo Bundy, the third base coach, and constant jokester Enrique Hernandez.  The pitcher made a slight motion when Enrique seemed to make a dash for home which was called a balk.  It’s one of those little league-minor league things which usually doesn’t fool major leaguers.  It worked this time and the Dodgers avoided the sweep. The score was 1-0 but Zack didn’t get the win.  Of course we were happy to get the win.
I had to go to work at midnight.  It was a very long day for me since I had left my house at 9:30 that morning.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Go Dodgers!!

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