A Giant Frustration

My Friday started out the day before.  After the Thursday night game, I went to work until 8:00 the next morning. I had an appointment with Long Beach DMV to pick up my personalized plates.  The appointment thing is a nice idea but the PARKING is a nightmare.  Maybe it’s better to park a mile away and walk.  I was already tired so it made the wait worse.

  I was very happy with my plate though.  I took a one hour nap and started to get ready to go to the game.  I was hoping I wouldn’t get too tired.
  It was warm but gorgeous.
  I always enjoy watching Clayton.  
  And Andre
  Scotty back in uniform after a stint on DL
  A lineup of pitchers: Zack (I wonder what’s in his back pocket) Adam, Clayton and Brett
  I think Brett is looking right at me.  I happen to be about half a ball park away from him.  Maybe it’s just my imagination.
  Here is my photo exclusive:  Zack and his ponytail
  Lisa Vanderpump seems to have taken a liking to Rick Honeycutt, the pitching coach.  It also looks like AJ was a little smitten since he was her personal guide.  I don’t watch tv so I didn’t know who she was until someone told me she’s one of the housewives from somewhere
  Enrique was being interviewed on Sportsnet by Alanna Rizzo for the unconventional win the night before.
  It was Simpsons night I guess.

  Justin was having an animated discussion with one of the trainers
  and continued through some stretching
  Two of my favorite people were at the game: Caroline and Coco
  I was hoping that we could beat the Giants.  Mike Bolsinger has been doing well with a record of 4-1 at Dodger Stadium
  I was wearing the jersey I was finally able to get personalized with his name.  He signed it the day before.
  Yasiel was signing autographs which he does just about everyday.
My photo book had come the day before.

  The first to sign was relief pitcher Josh Ravin
  The bad boy, the originator of the infamous rally banana started to sign across his face until I asked him not to
  Yasiel is always happy to sign for me.
  I told Andre that I love him so much, he’s in my book twice.
  I had to include my favorite selfie
  Joc personalized his photo for me.  I love when he does that.  Ugh, I didn’t realize he was signing across his forehead.
  then the Dodgers took the field.  Jimmy is smiling and looking right at me.
  Joc.   I love this picture.  I may have to print and frame it.
 First pitch

  I’m still adjusting to my camera
  And Brandon Crawford seems to be looking at me too
  And Andre
  Mike didn’t have his best game.  He allowed a grand slam by the dangerous Buster Posey.
  It was another frustrating game where nothing seemed to go right.
  Justin did well with 3 hits out of 3 and a homerun.
  Joc had another amazing defensive day.  Andre must be giving him pointers.
  But Mike had his first loss at Dodger Stadium
  The Giants seem to have our number.  They continue to beat us.
  The gorgeous Diana came to the game with my seatmate Danny.  It was nice to see her.  She told me she will be teaching in Spain starting in October.  Good luck!!
  The food was amazing.  The tilapia was delicious.  I love acorn squash.  
  The salads are always wonderful
  The in seat baseline special was the kale salad.  Very healthy.  I must be the only one to order the baseline special since it’s always salad.
  In the seventh inning, I went to the club to get my mango ice cream and cookies.  Thank you Bud.  Love you Armando.
I was tired.  I was ready to go and left in the ninth inning.  I usually like to stay for the entire game but I was exhausted.  I always think I can survive on almost no sleep but it doesn’t always work out.  There was no way the Dodgers would win so I decided it was time to go.  I don’t stay for fireworks.  I may stay for the Fourth of July fireworks but maybe not.

Today it is a day game to accommodate the movie after the game, the Lego Movie, which has nothing to do with baseball.  I’ll opt out of that.  It’s also Bark in the Park which is always fun.  Nevertheless it will be an early evening.  I didn’t have time to post a blog yesterday so here comes two today.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by.  I appreciate your interest.  Let me know if there is anything you would like to know about.  I dread games with the Giants because we never seem to win.  Today Carlos Frias will try to beat the Giants.  


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