Leaving Everything in Texas

It’s always difficult for me to write when things aren’t going well for the Dodgers. Game three against Texas was another loss, the third in three days.  Wednesday was another typical Kershaw outing…many strikeouts.  No run support.  He admitted that this was one of his most frustrating games.

  I can feel his frustration.
The Dodgers had been hitting well and now seem to be in an offensive slump.  The pitching has been good but not backed up with enough run support, or at least hits when they are needed.  They have lost their last 4 games.  Luckily the Giants also seem to be in some sort of slump so the Dodgers remain in first place.

  It was good to be back.  The weather was nice.  The forecast called for an extremely hot day.  Luckily it was already cooling down.  My seat was already almost in the shade.
  I’m waiting for Brandon League to be back.  The bullpen has been a little shaky and unpredictable.
  The guys have to get out of their offensive slump.
  Scotty Van Slyke is back which helps
  Of course everyone wants to blame Donnie.  He does get into the lefty-lefty thing.  The lineup consisted of right handed hitters which left Andre and Joc out.  They do happen to be two of the hottest hitters and leaving them out of the lineup seems just weird.  Leaving Alex out of the lineup also seems strange.
  Joc….I know he doesn’t like to sit.
  It was Korea night.  Ryu greeted his friend right fielder Choo.  I was standing next to someone who commented about a lot of “those people”, I guess meaning Koreans.  I commented, “Yeah too many Asians.”  He looked at me and hurried away.
  The Dodgers were stretching on the field.  
  It’s strange not seeing Joc stretching.  
  Justin started at third base
  I told Mike Bolsinger that I was getting a jersey personalized with his name but that the shop had run out of the letter R.  He said he would sign it when I was able to get it.  Hopefully I can take care of it today.  He probably will pitch during the San Francisco series.
AJ and Clayton 

  First pitch
There were a few chances for the Dodgers to score early on.  Yasiel and Scotty both had doubles but were left on base.

I found myself getting frustrated.  My friends on Facebook can get a little negative but I respond by getting depressed.

I had a feeling by the third inning that it wasn’t going to go well when Joey Gallo hit a 2 run homerun.  By the fourth inning, the Rangers were ahead 4-0.  I had that familiar feeling of doom.

I went up to the club to get my ice cream and cookies in the sixth inning.

  Scotty hit a homerun after Justin had gotten on base so the score became 2-4.  I was happy that the Dodgers had actually scored.  Alex singled scoring  Kiké which brought the Dodgers closer.  3-4.
 We are always hopeful that the Dodgers will somehow prevail but tonight wasn’t one of those nights.

  Somehow the Rangers are beating us.  They are the hottest team in baseball right now but the Dodgers should have won at least one of those games.  I hope we don’t get swept tonight when Greinke takes the mound. 
  I packed up my things and decided to leave when Prince Fielder homered at the top of the ninth inning.  The way the offense has been, I really didn’t expect a walkoff.  Too bad this wasn’t the night I had to go to work after the game.  I would have had an excuse to leave even earlier.
  I can imagine that if I feel this frustrated, the Dodgers must feel worse.
Today they play the last game of four with the Rangers.  Hopefully we can get it together and beat them.

  I noticed this picture on Jon SooHoo’s blog.  Am I looking at Donnie with a disapproving look?  Check out Jon SooHoo’s blog for the best pictures. He is definitely my idol.
I was invited to a luncheon at Dodger Stadium this morning before the game.  Justin Turner and Joc Pederson will be there.  I hope that the invited guests don’t turn this into a negative event. It will be a long day for me.  I don’t plan on going home since the luncheon lasts until 1:00 pm and I usually leave my house at 2:40 to get to the stadium.  I plan on going to the top of the deck store to have my jersey personalized.  That should kill about an hour.  After the game, I have to go to work at midnight.  Long day.  Hopefully I can go to work happy.

There is always a positive.  Scotty came back from DL and hit a double and a homerun. The Dodgers are still in first place. Puig is back from DL.  Corey Seager is in the wings just waiting for his chance. We are all alive and today will be another gorgeous day.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully my blog tomorrow will be more cheery.  Go DODGERS!

One comment

  1. Crystal

    Mike Bolsinger is such a darling. I would also dislike any negative comments on FB. What do they know? That’s a great picture of you and Donnie. Jon SooHoo does it best. The main focus is of you and him. Dodgers will def’ly pick it up today.
    Thank you for sharing your Dodgers experience!

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