The Good News and the Bad

Nancy Bea has been resigned as the Dodger organist.  That’s the good news.  My Barney (Darwin) has been DFA’ed.  That’s the bad news. 

Nancy Bea has had her playing time cut back considerably.  Anyone who has been to Dodger Stadium has enjoyed her organ music. She has obviously been frustrated. She had posted on her Facebook that she was not coming back next season.  Of course there was a huge outcry from her many fans.  I’m happy to say that the management stepped up and gave her support, stating that she will always have a  job with the Dodgers.

The Dodgers were off Thursday.   Many took part in the All Access event at Dodger Stadium.  I didn’t go.  I worked instead.  It appeared to be a well attended event judging from wonderful Dodger photographer John Soo Hoo’s  photo blog. My favorites were there including Andre Ethier, Mike Bolsinger and Joc Pederson.

Friday the Dodgers were in San Diego trying to stay in first place against the Padres.  The Dodgers won 4-3 but Clayton did not get a win.  Justin Turner played with a gimpy leg.   Even Mattingly admitted that it was a sloppy win. The Giants are in a bit of a slump, luckily for the Dodgers so we are still in first place.  The Giants have lost 3 games so they are still 2.5 games back.

Saturday’s game against the Padres with Greinke pitching was another one with no run support.  Zack was obviously disappointed, striking out 7, allowing only one mistake, a homerun to Justin Upton. Zack always holds nothing back when asked his opinion about anything.  He said that Jimmy Rollins had started out slow but is hitting better.  It actually had gotten to the point, everyone was asking why the management doesn’t bring Seager up from triple A.   I predict that they will bring him up before the season is over. The only run support Zack got was Yasmani’s homerun in the third inning.  Zack countered with the fact that before he came to the Dodgers, he had 5 years of no run support.  Don’t you just love Zack and his honesty??
The Dodgers have one more game with the Padres, then go to Texas to play the Rangers.  They return Wednesday night to Dodgers Stadium to play the Rangers two more games.  

Sunday will bring Mike Bolsinger to the mound against James Shields.  Hopefully the Dodgers can give Mike some run support.  Mike has done well pitching for the Dodgers.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Go Dodgers.

One comment

  1. Crystal

    Everyone loves Nancy Bea! It’s all that Top 40 and Hip Hop stuff from what I heard. I enjoy her organ playing, knitted sweaters and smile as do other fans. It would be a shame, if she would have left. Joc is playing fabulous out there. Barney, I hope I see some Dodgers baseball soon for him.

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