Dodger Stadium is magnificent.  Looking down at the field from Reserve or Top Deck is always breathtaking.  I went to the highest level because I wanted a jersey personalized with Mike Bolsinger’s name.  The only place they can do that is the store on Top Deck.  Unfortunately they were out of the letter “R.”  Sounds like an episode of Sesame Street.  No jersey that day.

  Down on field level, the pitchers were practicing.
  Sometimes I get the feeling the guys are aware that I’m taking pictures.  What do you think?
  Just sometimes
  Zack always totally ignores me but I think I’m wearing him down.  He is actually smiling and is he posing for me?
  And Zack is not what you would call a goofy, fun loving guy
  The guys are pretty much used to me.  Girl with camera.  Takes a lot of pictures.  Rarely asks for autographs.  Always knows your name and gets excited when you say hi.  Never misses a game. Yes, that’s me.
  Kenley doing some high stepping
  The boss supervising batting practice
  Yasmani waiting for his turn
  I call these guys the triplets.  Usually Jimmy has his pants rolled up to his knees so it’s hard to tell them apart.  They are all similar build except their heights are a little varied. On closer inspection, Alberto is a little heavier, Howie taller, and Jimmy the shortest.
  It’s exciting to see Brandon McCarthy back on the field.  He and Zack look like BBF’s.
  Clayton snagging a ball
Like I said, I think the guys know about my picture taking.  Although Zack acts like I don’t exist, he seems to smile at the camera a lot

  Yasmani walked the other direction to the bullpen with his equipment
  I think everyone is happy that Brandon is back
  It was time to eat so I went to the Ketel One Baseline Club.  I usually go to the one on the third base side.  I love my chefs, Bud and Armando.  They spoil me.  They’ve figured out that I like to eat.  I always enjoy the salads.  
  The fare was lamb stew, chard with mushrooms, rice pilaf.
  And delicious carnitas tacos with guacamole.
  When I went back to the field, Clayton was sitting in the dugout waiting to be interviewed.  
  Some think Clayton is the best pitcher in MLB.  I agree.  He also is a wonderful person.  He and his wife Ellen give a lot back to the community.  
  One of my very favorite Dodgers Mike Bolsinger was visiting with his parents.  I know they are very proud of him.  He is undefeated at Dodger Stadium.  I wonder what the D Backs are thinking since they released him allowing the Dodgers to pick him up.
  Yasiel, Alberto and Joc.  The Dodgers seem to have more energy with the return of Puig.
  National Anthem
  a last minute workout
  before he signed autographs for the fans.  
  I almost missed Brett Anderson, the starting pitcher as he walked to the dugout
  Yasmani surprised me.  Whenever he walks by me I always call out “Yasmani!!!” He turned and said “Hi.” Yikes.  Usually the pitcher and catcher just look straight ahead and walk to the dugout.
It was a special night.  It was Filipino Heritage Night.  I love those nights.  They’ve had Cuban Heritage Night already.  It’s a nice way to acknowledge the variety of fans that love the Dodgers.

  The Dodgers took the field.  Joc stared right at me as he ran by.  Amazing because I was pretty far away.
  Andre also taking the field.  
  Brett getting ready for the first pitch
  And there’s the first pitch
  Like I said, they seem to be looking at me.  Andre knows where I sit.
  So does Joc
  He has some amazing shoes on.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry.  The kid is in constant motion.
  Sometimes a stretch just feels good
  The D Backs struck first.  I think all of us were agonizing over Brett’s pitching.  With two on base, Tomas singled Inciarte in for one run.  0-1.
  Brett was out on a sacrifice bunt but Andre scored sending Callaspo to second. 1-1.
  Brett running to first.
  Yasiel homered scoring Callaspo and Joc. 4-1.
  Joc stayed at homeplate to cheer Yasiel on.
Then Grandal came to the plate. 

  Yasmani hit a solo homerun at the bottom of the third inning making the score 5-1.
However the fantastic Paul Goldschmidt hit a 2 run homerun in the fifth inning making the score 5-3 and Tomas homered making the score 5-4.  About that time, I started to get this feeling of dread.

Joc prevented a homerun leaping up to prevent the ball from going over the fence.  Kike gave him a lot of love after that play. My usher Rochelle thought it was because of his extra tight pants that made him more ergonomic. I was busy looking at his shoes!!!

  The bottom of the sixth inning, Kike hit a sacrifice fly scoring Alberto. 6-4.
At the top of the seventh, the D Backs scored again 6-5.  It seems that the bullpen just kills us.  About that time, I decided to get my ice cream.

  Mango ice cream in honor of Filipino Heritage Night
  In the ninth inning with the score still 6-5, Kenley came in to close it out.
  Usually Kenley does the job.  He hasn’t blown a save since September of last year.
  However he allowed AJ Pollock a homerun which tied the score 6-6.  I had already packed up my stuff and was ready to go home.
Joc struck out in the bottom of the ninth.

Yasiel was patient and walked

   Adrian also walked.  
  The D Backs planned their strategy
  And then Howie came to the plate
  He hit a soft line drive to right field singling Yasiel in to win the game in a walk off.
  The guys mobbed Howie
  It was time for celebration
  There were high fives all around
  We went home happy with “I Love LA” blaring in our ears.  Sweet music.  We love a walk off.  Maybe Kenley thought it was time for the excitement of  a walkoff according to my twitter friend Chad Moriyama.
Thanks for stopping by.  Time for me to go back to work.  The Dodgers have a day off before playing the Padres in San Diego on Friday. Everyone have a nice week.  Go Dodgers!


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