Puig Is Back!


Every blog and news item about game 3 is titled “Welcome Back Puig” so I decided to be different. Word came early Saturday that Yasiel was back and actually in the lineup which was good news to the Dodgers who are in the midst of a Cardinals series and a dismal offensive slump. 

First of all, prayers for the woman who was hit by pieces of bat at Fenway Park two days ago. It is a risk we all take when we go to a game especially those of us in Premium Seating. Would I want things to change? No. I can speak from experience. I get hit by balls almost every season. Fortunately most times the injuries are very minor. I have been hit in the arm a few times, once in the wrist, breaking my watch to pieces. I thought my wrist was broken but it was just a contusion. The worst injury was a foul ball to my face during batting practice. I had been talking to Dee Gordon a couple of seasons ago. He then hit a foul ball into my face. I had a black eye for about 3 months. I had a 2 cm laceration to my left eyebrow which immediately began to spout blood. I still have a scar. Dee was really apologetic. He signed a bat “Sorry. Dee Gordon” and gave it to me. He apologized to me over and over. Last season my friend Jo Anna was hit in the jaw by Dee. She sits in field section but not that close. My advice is to always watch the ball. Don’t let your children stand in the front. Always always keep an eye on your kids. If you have strong feelings about safety, sit in loge or better yet, upper deck.  I am very afraid of the ball since being hit but I would never change my seat. It makes me more vigilant.

It was a different type of game day. Everyone was there early for the celebrity soft ball game. I didn’t recognize most of the “celebrities.”

  I know Omar Miller
  Lisa Leslie
  Vivica  A. Fox
  Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds
Larry King, Alan Thicke, Jaleel White, Landon Donovan and Garry Marshall also was there.

There was no big celebrities like  in the old days eg Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. 

  My friends enjoyed the game
  They were excited about Heather McDonald
  I was more excited about American Pharaoh winning the Belmont
  And the 75th United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. I love my camera!!!
  They gated off an area so the pitchers could toss the ball
  Some of the Dodgers wanted to check out the stars like Jimmy
 Justin wearing sandals

  Justin signed an autograph
  So did Mike Bolsiinger who parked his glove in a convenient place
  Yasiel literally peeked out of the dugout
  He knew he would be mobbed
  Clayton worked out before the game
  And contemplated the world
  I did find time to eat. The fare was sweet and sour chicken with rice, artichoke whole wheat pasta and Korean pork tenderloin
  A little salad
  The guys stretched before the game
  Joc came over to sign for the kids
  Everyone went into a frenzy when they saw Yasiel. He signed for a few people. The last autograph was my cap. This is the 3rd cap he’s autographed, the other two having been stolen. 
Clayton and AJ crossed the field to the dugout. I had good feelings about this game.

  Clayton was magnificent
 Can a person take too many pictures of him?
  Yasiel proved to be the energy that the team needed
  Along with left field Chris Heisey
  And always super Justin Turner
 It was a pitchers duel until the 7th inning when Yasiel doubled Chris Heisey in to make it a 1-0 game.
In the bottom of the 7th Justin singled scoring Yasiel making the score 2-0.

  The Cardinals could not score a run. They were limited to one hit. 
  Finally the Dodgers were able to beat the Cardinals.
  I had gone to the club for my ice cream and came back to my seat before the excitement began.
  There’s always a stupid person who has to run on the field
  But is it worth it?
  The many faces of Puig

Kenley came into the game to close. And then it happened again. Does stupid strike twice in one game?


  And what was he going to do? Tackle Puig?
Um yeah.

  Kenley  saved the game to the delight of all of us fans.

  It was a very good day.

  Let’s beat the Cardinals again today.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!!  

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