One of the only positives of yesterday’s game was that it was a beautiful day

And then it goes downhill from there. I should get over it but when the Dodgers lose, I have the hardest time writing this blog. I’ve already checked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my email several times putting off writing this. 

  I put on my game face. I had this feeling that the Cardinals would do it again.
  At least Mike Bolsinger always puts a smile on my face.

  I have a new IPad cover. That is a plus.
  I found a nice Dodger to take a selfie with me. Meet Josh Ravin.
  Brandon League….remember him?
  Yasmani having a laugh with Steve Yaegar, the catching coach
  Kenley working out after having a bout with high blood pressure
  Sheeeesh I think I left it somewhere!!!
  Zack is probably telling Carlos exactly what he thinks of his pitching. 
  And demonstrating
  Even showing his catching skills
  Look for Zack on Sunday.
  Saturday Clayton will be on the mound after the celebrity game. The weekend game times are confusing. The Saturday game is an hour later and the Sunday game is an evening game.
  Batting practice is a good time to catch up
  A little more advice from Zack
  Kikè with Don Newcombe photo bombing
I can tell most of the Dodgers by their walk, run or swing.

  And Justin by his hair
  Donnie having a chat with Ron Cey. Alanna Rizzo is photo bombing
  Good to see Scotty on the field.  He has been on DL.
I am expecting to see Yasiel Saturday  and anticipate him being activated. Scott Schebler who just came up may be going back down. I know the ones who just came up have their bags packed.

  Scott had a very good spring training
  A new friend for Joc
  He’s probably thinking that there is another rookie in town who is more rookie than he is
  I was a little upset to see Alberto not only took Uribear’s position but also his number.
  I’ll never forget Uribe
  The food was again wonderful…juicy turkey with tomatillo sauce, rockfish, rainbow chard pasta, beets. 
  The salad was as usual very fresh and healthy
  Joc signed for the kids
  I hope Ryan isn’t mad at me for asking him to be in the picture with my two adorable friends…Coco and Caroline. He kind of has that look in his eyes that he’ll get me back.
  I always like getting pics of the guys without their hats on. It looks like Scott got a haircut for his MLB debut. When he called his mom to let her know he was on his way to LA, she said what for. What a normal family!!
  I have to be careful what I say. I said hi to Justin not thinking he could hear me since I was far away and it was noisy. He turned around, smiled and said hi. Oops. I always tell the fans not to say negative things to the guys because it’s amazing how good their hearing is.
  Brett had a great game until the 8th inning and it fell apart.
  He also didn’t get much run support
  Yasmani and Rick Honeycutt
  The Dodgers took the field
  I got my usual bases loaded nachos
  Honey dew this time
 The first inning was the only inning that the Dodgers did anything. The Cardinals pitcher Martinez pitched a great game but was wild the first inning. Bases were loaded. Scott got his first MLB hit. I’m surprised it wasn’t up on the board. No excitement. Lorenzo Bundy 3rd base coach was given the ball to give to Scott.
  He was definitely excited!
With bases loaded, Martinez chose to walk Joc thinking that was the lesser of two evils, walking in the Dodgers’ only run. He probably thought that was better than a grand slam. 

  Everyone gave Scott a lot of love
  I love the way Yasmani prepares to hit.
   It was a good game until the 8th and then with missed cues and missed outs, the Dodgers lost by one run. 2-1. This reminds me of last year when the Dodgers were plagued by one run losses.

But here we are again. There are still two more games with the Cardinals. Saturday Clayton Kershaw will pitch. Sunday Zack will be on the mound.

The upside of all this….there is a skunk watch on the enemy side.

  There is a family of skunks infiltrating the Cardinals bullpen. And no I did not take this picture. I am not that gung ho a journalist. This is the one picture I borrowed.
It definitely is much more fun writing after a win. Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!!!

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