Winning and Losing

Dodgers begin a series in Colorado today. They lost the series with the Cardinals this past weekend but are still in first place because thankfully the Giants lost a game.

When the Dodgers are on the road, everyone knows I am working. I work in Long Beach as an emergency department nurse, a high stress job. My Dodgers help me stay on an even keel.

  Most of my blog is written at Starbucks. My home away from home is on Long Beach Blvd and Willow in Long Beach. My choice of beverage is Blonde Roast. I write at Starbucks because I get few distractions. The barristers are the best. When I was sick, one of them brought me hot tea. I think they might have thought I was homeless for a while  since I would sit for hours writing. 
I have only been a baseball fan for a decade. I had been very sick and was off work for 5 months. I had to recuperate flat on my back and most of my entertainment was television. I watched the soaps for one afternoon and already decided I had enough. It was baseball season. My love story with the Dodgers began.  I learned the rules of baseball. Baseball is not boring as most people think.

My best friend is one of the stadium doctors. She introduced me to Dodger stadium. Her seats are in the back row of reserve section just down the stairs from the first aid station. When she works she gets those seats. She would give me a free ticket with free parking just outside the stadium gate. I would bring my binoculars so I could see. She also introduced me to Dodger Dogs and root beer floats. This changed my life forever. 

On my birthday I treated myself to a field section seat. I saw Shawn Green on the field and my heart skipped a beat.  I gathered up enough courage to talk to him. To this day, he is probably my favorite Dodger. I bought every Shawn Green baseball card I could find on EBay. A rabbi wrote me a nasty email telling me off about my baseball card purchases.

Here is a picture of Shawn and me a couple of years ago. My heart still skips a beat when I see him.

I started to buy field section seats and eventually bought season tickets in the front row right by the left field foul pole. I bought dugout seats from stubhub and eventually purchased mini season tickets for baseline. I would usually end up with two tickets most games. 

I enjoyed sitting in the dugout section. All the celebrities sit there.  My seat was near the enemy dugout. I was privileged to sit next to actor Robert Wuhl who was in the baseball movie Bull Durham. He introduced me to whoever his guest was. I met director Ron Shelton who directed Bull Durham. Rob Reiner has season tickets close by. Many celebrities spend most of the time networking and closing deals. I met groups of screen writers.  I sat behind Kevin Bacon once. 

I met actress Alyssa Milano, one of the nicest people in Hollywood. She was in the club talking to someone. I was a little star struck at the time. I meekly asked her if I could take a picture of her. She gave me a huge smile and told her friend to take a picture of both of us. I stuttered that I couldn’t take a picture with someone so beautiful. She told me not to be so silly and put her arm around me.  It was one of my best memories of dugout club.

My favorite seats were in baseline section though. The official name is Ketel One Baseline Club. The seat includes parking, buffet in the club and complimentary in -seat food service.

I bought a few baseline mini season plans. The management wouldn’t sell me an entire season because I am one person and I broke up a two seat or four seat box seat plan. A few years ago they completely tore down the baseline seats so the seats were in rows. I finally was able to purchase an entire season.

And that is a brief history of my love affair with the Dodgers. Many people have asked me how it all started. I hope I was able to answer your questions.

By the way for those of you who enjoyed the HBO series Entourage, the movie will soon be out with the original cast. I met Jerry Ferrara who played “Turtle.” Very friendly and nice.

The Dodgers will return to Dodger Stadium Thursday after hopefully sweeping the Rockies. The Dodgers offense has been in a slump. The pitching has been great. It seems that the umpires still don’t treat the Dodgers fairly. When Justin Turner gets ejected, that is plain weird. He is the sweetest, even tempered guys ever. And he was ejected when the game was over anyway so only has to pay a fine. AJ also was ejected after taking offense to a remark made about his catching. Donnie was ejected because he is Donnie and always supports the team. The Dodgers never win a review. Why bother anymore?

West was called up and sent down. Huff called up and remains. Crawford now on 60 day DL. 

Thanks for stopping by. Hope I didn’t bore you. Go Dodgers!!!! Can’t wait until Thursday.


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  2. baseballnotes

    Great to read about your passion for baseball and also that you take time to write about that great game. Here in Quebec (Canada), we lost the Expos, but my passion burns forever strong. Keep up the good work!

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