Number Two

Sadly, the Dodgers are now number two behind the Giants. The Dodgers lost to the Cardinals 3-0.  The last 15 games, the Giants are 13-2, the Dodgers 5-8. Therein lies the difference

Mike Bolsinger pitched well again allowing two runs but not getting any offensive support from his teammates.

They have not won a game since Papi was traded.

  No one was happy over this trade, not Uribear, not his teammates, nor his many fans. It left me very sad, having already lost Matt and Dee. I know it is a business. Everyone has reminded me about that but how can we all just turn off the love we felt for him? I have not talked to anyone who thinks the trade was a good one.
One day the Dodgers will be treated fairly by the officials. I wonder why Donnie bothers to challenge any of the questionable calls because WE NEVER WIN! 

Yesterday’s game with the Cardinals was no different. When AJ questioned the strike zone, he was ejected, his first ejection ever. The umpire ( we all know who it is so I won’t mention names) criticized AJ’s pitch framing. All of this was caught on microphone. Is it ethical for the umpire to voice an opinion like that? It was enough to incite an already volatile Milton Bradley who was known for his temperament by the same umpire years ago. Bradley had anger management issues even before the term “anger management” was popular. 

Donnie was also ejected for arguing the strike zone as well. 

I had a feeling that the Giants would overtake the Dodgers. The Giants have suddenly finished the Spring Training that they hadn’t completed when the season started and reemerged as the powerhouse the champs are. I have really no ill will toward the Giants who somehow come out on top (as Angel Pagan told me).  The Dodgers offense has become quiet. 

The Dodgers play the second game of the series with spoilers the Cardinals. It’s all mental.  Starting pitcher is Carlos Frias who tanked the last game he pitched. Hopefully he gets some run support. 

I’m back to work tonight. I’m missing the guys already.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!

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