No Sweep

Unfortunately the Dodgers could not sweep the Braves. Wednesday was the last game of the series and also the last game of the home stand. It was a giveaway day…Dodger coasters. I always dread giveaways as everyone already knows for many reasons.

  Very nice for a giveaway. Problem was they gave vouchers for them on entry and they were to be picked up when you leave. Another problem was that once you got the giveaway, there was no re entry. They thought that the fans would throw the coasters. I doubt that since many fans were buying extra tickets for additional coaster sets probably to sell on Ebay.  They came in a nice heavy wood tray. It was an inconvenience and it caused fans to leave early for fear they wouldn’t get theirs. When they have distributed the giveaways on exit, it always has caused a problem. I left early in the 9th because of that. There were actually fans leaving in the 4th inning.

  Batting practice was well underway when I arrived.
 Austin was on the field getting special instruction. I know he will be going back to Oklahoma City when Yasmani is off concussion DL. Yasmani is already on rehab assignment.

 His godfather was telling us what a nice young man he is and that he is an excellent hitter if given the chance. 

 Davy Lopes

  Kenley who has come back strong
  Time to eat. The fare was Korean meatballs and chicken. The food was excellent.
  The salad was a repeat of yesterday
  The weather was mild
  AJ was putting his equipment on
  Alana Rizzo and Nomar during  Sportsnet telecast.
Some of the Sportsnet crew asked me if I would film something. Uh no. 

  Zack was warming up
  Charlie Beck LAPD chief was throwing out the first pitch.
  Tommy was on the field
  I thanked Mike Bolsinger for being so nice to me yesterday
  Chris Heisy was called up from triple A.
 He took a picture with me

  Joc working out


 AJ and Honeycutt walked to the dugout without Zack

  It was difficult to see Papi in another uniform. 

  Joc on first base with Davy

  Baseline special with Sriracha dusted chips

  Justin at bat


  Zack on first

  Zack on third with Lorenzo Bundy third base coach

 Chris Hatcher had been brought in to relieve Zack and immediately  filled up the bases. It was the end for the Dodgers. Not sure why he was brought in. 
The Braves won the final game of the series even though Guerrero made a valiant effort with a homer in the bottom of the ninth. The player that was acquired in trade from the Braves Callaspo made the final out.

Most of the Dodger fans had already left to get their giveaway before the game was over myself included. 

  I ran into my favorite LAPD officer who gave me two cards: AJ
  And Adrian
The Dodgers have an off day on Thursday to travel to St Louis to play the Cardinals.  

They will then return to Dodger Stadium next Thursday to play them on home turf. The Dodgers are clinging to first place in the NL West by one game with the hot Giants close behind.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you soon. Go Dodgers. Beat St Louis.

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