Bye Bye Uribe

  I can’t write anything else before I say good bye to Juan Uribe. He will be missed. Juan is well liked by fans and his own teammates. He kept Puig on an even keel. He is Ryu’s BFF. He kept everyone laughing and happy. He gave me his batting gloves without my even asking.  I am thoroughly convinced now that baseball is a business.  The player he was traded for may never wear a Dodger uniform. Probably all 4 players could be DFA’d. We got Eric Stults back but we had traded him away before. Everyone always told me not to like a player too much because he will be gone…I believe that now. As Joc said, “Gonna miss you Papi!”

My Dodger day began  early since my wonderful Dodger rep Tess Gilmore understood I needed a little cheering up after a week of distressing events. Thank you Tess!

  I am practicing selfies. This is my favorite one with Tess. Why I would consent to a selfie with someone this pretty, I keep asking myself.
  I had a beautiful view of Dodger Stadium from club level.
 The Dodgers were stretching

 I had not expected to be on the field minus my usual on-field friends but it turned out to be my best experience ever.

  AJ. I love getting pictures of them without their hats on.
  Very difficult to get selfies with very tall people. Here I am with Henry, one of the nicest Dodger security. My arms just aren’t long enough. I’m a mess. I’m still getting used to my new camera and my selfies are a little weird.
  Kikè was dressed for a while as “rally banana.” He is always animated and a little crazy

  I had a few Dodger things stolen earlier this week including my precious team ball which was almost full so I started from scratch with Donnie.

  My second autograph was Adrian Gonzalez, always a class act. He hit his 1001 RBI. He got a standing ovation.
I really am not one to get autographs…usually only one per player per season. I hate to ask because it stresses me out. The only player I ask for more than the one is Andre because Andre is Andre. 

I rarely say anything negative about our Dodgers but this time I have to. I got Howie Kendrick’s autograph on my team ball weeks ago. This was my only autograph ever from him. There were several fans getting his autograph and I asked very politely, “Mr Kendrick, do you mind signing my ball?” He looked at me and said very rudely , “You’re at every game.” Of course I am. I haven’t missed a game in 6 years even through the McCourt years. All the players know I am a loyal fan, give a lot away and rarely ask for autographs. I backed up with tears in my eyes. I seriously will never ask him for anything again. I am getting a new phone case without his picture. If any of you are Howie fans, I will not take another picture of him so if it bothers you. I will post some pictures for you. There was no reason for him to talk that way to me in a nasty, curt manner.

Bless Mike Bolsinger. He saw what happened and saw my distress. He asked me, “Picture? ” and he waited for me

  He knew he already had taken this picture not 5 minutes before but insisted on taking another with me.
  He definitely cheered me up. He is now my favorite pitcher and player. 
  I asked Justin if I could practice selfies with him. I told him that his face was shaded by his cap so he tilted it back. Justin is the best.
  This was Christine’s first time on the field. She was helping Tess.  Thank you Christine.
  Kikè started out with a crazy face but I asked him to smile nicely.  He complied but grunted a few times.
  Austin Barnes has the most beautiful eyes. I told him that and he actually blushed. Very nice guy.
  Joc knew I had his name personalized on a jersey so he came up to me, held out his hand and volunteered to autograph it.
  He sees me everyday and didn’t make any ugly comments. Manners are not only for the young, Howie. 
Andre came into the dugout and was signing and taking pictures. I stayed over to the side since I totally lost my nerve. I’m not a good autograph seeker because I get too stressed. Howie took whatever nerve I had and squished it to a pulp. Andre called over to me “what are you doing over there, Cat. Come over here and take a picture.” 

  Great! This is the picture. He warmed my heart. I love you Andre.
  Paco was the last Dodger to go in.
The Dodgers saw my distress and immediately my friends came over to help me. Now you know why I love them so much.

I usually go over to the enemy side just to check it out after the Dodgers go into the clubhouse for their meeting.

  I was intrigued by Calaspo, the player traded for Uribe. Apparently he has a lower batting average than Uribe. Why trade for him?  He will be sitting on the bench behind Justin and Alex. At the time I thought the trade had been refused by Calaspo since he has a no trade clause.

  He isn’t Uribe.
  Johnny Gomes took a picture with me. He was more than accommodating.
  Freddie Freeman, also a nice Brave
  By that time I was ready to eat. The tilapia was delicious. The turkey breast was tender and juicy.
  The salad was a variety of melon and farro.
  Clayton was already warming up.
     He pitched a 10 strikeout game, allowed only 4 hits in 7 innings, no runs and also had an RBI single in the 4th which was a 6 run inning.

  Pre game love between Joc and the Braves.
  Good Year blimp flying over the stadium
  Alex and Joc
  The long walk to the dugout
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Getting ready
  First pitch
Interesting decision in that huge Dodger 4th inning  to walk Adrian and pitch to Justin. Always have to watch out for him. Of course it was Justin who started the 6 run rally. Oh well!

Andre again had an outstanding game. 


  Clayton at bat

  Bunting. Probably not a good idea with AJ on base
The score was 6-0 when Adrian hit his two run homerun in the sixth. They called that insurance runs?

Uh oh. Spy cam at work. A little bird told me to check out front row loge level for Ellen and Baby Kershaw.

I’m so naughty.

More spy cam


 Today the Dodgers will hopefully get the sweep when Zack Greinke takes the mound. I think I saw a flicker in his eye when I said hi to him.  The Dodgers hit the road to play the Cardinals after that. The Cardinals are always a tough team to beat.

My new phone case

Again, bye bye Papi, Uribear, I will miss you. Safe journey and finish out your career on a high note. Love you.

Thanks for stopping by. Thank you Tess. Thank you Mike Bolsinger. Hi Crystal! Miss you. Stay safe. See everyone soon. Go Dodgers!


  1. trublu4ever

    Excellent job, Cat. So sorry for your awful experience with Howie. I guess some players aren’t fan friendly. And, those players need to learn that we, the fans, pay their salaries!

  2. Brent Allen

    Cat, It was great meeting you and getting a chance to talk baseball Tuesday night. Looks like you are figuring out the camera just fine. Sorry you had to watch another Hatcher meltdown last night.

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