It’s All About Dre

I can’t say enough about Andre Ethier. I always said since the season started, let him play. Andre has proven himself over and over but it took Puig and Crawford to go out on DL to give him a chance as “Everyday Dre.”

  I’ve always had a place in my heart for Andre as you can see from my license plate.
It was the Memorial Day game. The Dodgers have always supported military and veterans.

  I bought a Dodger camoflauge shirt in honor of the day. Part of the proceeds go to veterans. This selfie was taken at the end of the game so I look a little weary. Long day.
  It started out as usual with batting practice except it was an early game so we were all there extra early. Notice Yasmani second from the left already out there again.
  Carlos Frias was all smiles although he totally tanked the game the day before.
  Mike Bolinger is everyone’s favorite these days
  AJ, A Gon, Howie, Mark and son 
  Scotty, Mark and son, Justin
  Dr Stan watching Yasmani 
 Our two aces

  Chris Hatcher who can be very very good or scary
  Justin, Adrian and Scotty
  The guys have been going in early from batting practice
  So I decided to go to the club to eat
  The chicken and roast pork with cooked apples was delicious. I was hoping for BBQ
  George Lopez was being interviewed. He was honorary bat boy.
  AJ was the starting catcher. He may not be the best offensively but he is great at calling the game.
  Austin Barnes was all smiles while being interviewed. He’s in the “Bigs” now.
  Brett Anderson has done well
  He is our third starter. He’s good, that’s why the Dodgers picked him up, according to Andre.
  And then some of the Dodgers came out to warm up
  He went over to the dark side 
  Haha is everyone watching me?
  The Dodger organization presented an outstanding Memorial Day program
  With representatives from every branch of the military
  The Dodgers showed their respect with their Memorial Day uniforms 
  The flyover was too early. I obviously was surprised. Oops
  Hey, I’m still getting used to my new camera. All I got was part of a tail!
  Brett crossing the field
  AJ returning to the dugout with Rick Honeycutt
  The first pitch was done by a representative of each branch of the military
  Obviously baseball is not their thing. Dodgers catching. Yikes. Careful guys!
  The National Anthem was sung so beautifully it brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of the months my son was deployed to Iraq.
  And the Dodgers took the field
  It was a perfect Memorial Day.
  First pitch
  Justin kept getting in my way. So did a girl with a big hat. I wanted to cut off her head. Luckily she went up to the bar.
  Andre in right field
  Bottom of the first, with bases loaded, Andre walked, scoring Jimmy.

Top of the fourth, the Braves tied the game 1-1.

Top of the fifth inning the Braves pulled ahead 2-1.


  A little discussion 

  Bottom of the seventh, Adrian grounded out but scored Joc tying the game 2-2.
  Then Andre hit a huge homerun to break the tie 3-2.  I would select him as player of the game scoring the first run with his RBI and tie breaking home runs.
  Andre went back in the dugout and had a snack. He always seems to be eating. I feel like I have a spycam when I check out the dugout.
  Donnie and Mark
In the eighth inning Alex and Jimmy hit homeruns making the score 6-2. The Dodgers came from behind which rarely happened last year.

  Hatcher tried but was pulled before more damage could be done
  Jansen coming in to close it up
  Kenley is back as the best closer ever
  It feels so good to win. What a magnificent Memorial Day. We honored the military and won the game. Life is good,
Thanks for stopping by. I’m on the field today alone. I have to practice selfies! See you soon. Go Dodgers!


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