Getting Back on Track part two

I’m actually talking about me getting back on track. Word Press kept crashing on me yesterday which prevented me from finishing my post. I’m behind one game. Early game today so I feel a little squeezed.

  The second game with the Padres didn’t seem to have the sense of urgency that the first game did. Everyone was much more relaxed.
 It was Adrian Gonzalez bobble head day. I hate giveaway days especially those involving those dreaded bobble heads. It brings out weird people, not so much fans, but those who just want to sell them on eBay. They are generally rude and noisy. The club is no exception. The Dodgers were smart. They pretty much ignored everybody rather than get roped into signing for those who sell the autographs. They are pretty obvious. They carry large portfolios of pictures mounted in cardboard. They have bags full of bobble heads and balls. Um yeah right. Their rooms are lined with Dodger pictures, these adults.


  Donnie stopped and made some fans happy. He always gives me a handshake before the games.
  Two wonderful ushers. 
  It was a mild day.
  AJ was scheduled to start anyway but Yasmani is on concussion DL.

  AJ is taking it all in stride. AJ has a terrific sense of humor.
  Mike Bolsinger has become one of the starters and remains undefeated. He has a mean curve ball
  I think the key is his relaxed confident attitude
  Since it was Adrian Gonzalez bobble head day, they had a mariachi band playing his favorites.
  They had a nice tribute to John Soo Hoo, the official Dodger photographer 
  I smile every time I see Joc joking with Jimmy
  My substitute favorite Justin
  AJ and Mike looking very serious on their way to the dugout
  My great friends: Cece, Donna, Norma and birthday girl.
  First pitch
  Aw….Matt, still not smiling
  Since it was his bobble head day, Adrian’s dad threw out the first pitch.
  Joc hit another homerun
  And there he goes. Ok so I’m not John Soo Hoo! Joc almost ran out of my picture!
  He was so excited!
  Adrian hit a single
  Always have to have a pic of Andre
  Or two
  Or three
  Joc outfield


Dodgers win the second game.


I can’t end this post without showing you the Adrian Gonzalez bobble head 

  It causes grown men to cheat, lie and steal. Sigh.
Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

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