Getting Back on Track

  It was time to get back on track. Dodgers have lost 4 games…3 to the Giants at AT&T Park. This is a view of our beautiful stadium from top deck. Why was I there? I had a mission since it was Jersey Day!

  I had a jersey personalized with one of my favorites, guess who?
  Here’s a hint
  Another one
  The day started out a bit cloudy and gray but cleared up.
  The food was great…turkey and dressing, pasta and sirloin
  The salad was exceptional 
  My good friend Robert with his lookalike son Lucas Dodger
  Coco and her brothers. They are the best kids..kudos to their parents.
  Scotty was out shagging balls
  Mike Bolsinger who has earned a spot as one of the starting pitchers is very fan friendly.
  League and Howell better known as Brandon and JP
  Brandon, JP and AJ
  Our Cy Young ace Clayton Kershaw

  Batting practice with Justin, Scotty and Adrian
  I love this picture I took of Andre. He is by far the nicest Dodger ever, the ultimate team player. When he was sitting all those games, he never complained. He was always smiling. He always had a joke. Such a tease! 
  Also always eating
  He was the hero who finally stopped the 35 hitless innings, a record in Dodger history, with an RBI double. 
  The SP was super athlete Zack Greinke 
  First pitch
  Warming up
  Psyching up

  The Youth Corps presented the colors
  Yasmani walked back to the dugout alone. I guess Zack took the tunnel back

  Matt doesn’t look happy. He’s only hit one homerun since the beginning of the season.
  The baseline special was a delicious salad
  Yasmani was hit twice: once in the head by a backswing and then by a foul into his face mask
  He’s been an integral part of our offense and defense

  He definitely has a unique way of getting ready to bat. He went on concussion DL as a precaution . I asked Donnie about it and he told me Yasmani was feeling ok.

  Zack once again pitched an awesome game

  Yasmani suppressed a chuckle when the Padres committed an error


  And Joc belted a homerun to seal the deal. I think it might have been Kikè’s rally banana.

  As Brett Anderson has said about Kikè “He’s a different cat. He’s got energy for days. He’s a chatterbox.”

  And the Dodgers were able to break the skid and win the first of a 3 game series with San Diego with a score of 2-1 with Kenley closing.

  Thanks for stopping by. Sorry this blog was late. It crashed and this morning I found remnants of it. I’ll follow this one with one about last night’s game soon. Go Dodgers!  

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