San Francisco 

The Dodgers are on the road. They lost the first game to the Giants with Tim Hudson. No offense. Good pitching by Carlos Frias.  Good teams with great offense can have a bad day. The problem was getting the key hits. Getting men on base wasn’t an issue. It was getting the runs.

The Giants always seem to get it together when they have to. They started the season with the manager commenting they weren’t ready. Now they are second in the Western Division. As Angel Pagan told me, somehow they are able to do it. They are always the team to be wary of. 

San Francisco is a beautiful city. I grew up in Betkeley across the bay. I have wonderful memories of Golden Gate Park, the Aquarium, China Town, the Embarcadero, cable cars, the bridges. I hope the Dodgers especially those who have never been there are enjoying the beauty of the city.

Hopefully they can get their offense together for Brett Anderson today.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!

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