Mighty Mike

I can’t say enough good things about Mike Bolsinger, our starting pitcher today against the Rockies.

  He pitched 6 scoreless innings. He definitely has earned another start. 
His last start we saw him in the dugout chilling before the game. I asked my friend Robert who that was. He told me Mike Bolsinger.  He came over and took a picture with me and signed autographs. He was totally relaxed. He pitched a wonderful game that day too.

  It was a day game. I dislike them. Too hot. But today was nice: sunny but with a slight breeze.


  Orel Hersheiser was getting ready for his broadcast 


Orel is always personable.

  The food was special. Usually the breakfast food is not my favorite but the fare was different. The BBQ chicken wings were tender and tasty. The eggs were cooked Mexican style and were marvelous. The ham was cooked with pineapple.
  I always enjoy the salads
  Kershaw was on the field with a group of people. It’s unusual for him to be on the field before a game.
Kiké went over to give an interview with Orel.

  He probably talked about the marvelous catch he made the day before. I wanted to ask him how his face was since he made a face plant on the back wall.

  One of my favorite people Emo told he was assigned to my side of the stadium again. It made my day.

  Mike hurried by to get to the other side of the stadium 


  Hi Joc


  What? Alex smiling? There was a group of girls teasing him which actually changed his demeanor.

  Joc stretching with the help of one of the Dodger trainers




  Jack (on the left) with his friend. 

  National Anthem

I wonder why I can always spot Justin. Hint: his red hair

  Howie signing

  Mike crossing the field back to the dugout

  Watching the pitcher and catcher walk across the field always is exciting. You never know how the game will go.

  The Dodgers take the field
First pitch

  My server Adam brought me a special surprise….a Colorado dog. What do you think?

  The only real action in the game were walks and a huge base hit by Yasmani who drove in the winning run. He is hitting well.
  I waited for my ice cream. The chef was a little late.
  Kenley closed out the game. He’s back!!!
  Andre running in
  The Dodgers beat the Rockies 1-0. Yimi and Hatcher pitched scoreless innings. Kenley has assumed his closing role.
  The Dodgers and Rockies split the series.
I have to admit that I am tired.  Seven games in seven days. Now I’m back to work while the Dodgers head to San Francisco after a day off Monday.

Dodgers return home on Friday to play the Padres.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers!

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