Milestone Day


Friday was a gorgeous day. The air was fresh and clean…always awesome after a good rain.

  Batting practice
  Donnie in the foreground
  Lorenzo Bundy 3rd base coach

Andre stopped long enough to say hi to me and give me a fist bump.

Time for food in the club 

  Turkey, mahi mahi and pasta with braised beef
  An array of salads
  Clayton walking out to the field to stretch and warm up
  Yasmani caught for Clayton
  Spiffing up the field
  Clayton in deep thought
  Scotty, Joc and Justin
  National Anthem time
  Jimmy signed for a few fans. Someone asked him to personalize a picture but he said no. He really didn’t have the time and it certainly wasn’t the first autograph he’s signed for this person. I usually just watch and take pictures but rarely get autographs. I asked this person to allow other fans to get in front of her so they could have a chance. She told me I would have bad karma. I’m sure she was thinking the same for Jimmy and anyone else who gets in her way. I guess the bad karma god wasn’t listening to her because Jimmy had one of his best games, hitting a homerun in the first inning. I didn’t think I deserved this rant on me. I never wish bad karma on people. It just happens. Like my Mom says, what goes around comes around.  In my head I just hope those who deserve bad karma don’t get punished too severely. The players don’t really react well to aggressive fans. I don’t blame them. In my world, I am happy if they just smile at me. I don’t need autographs or balls everyday. I try to distance myself from these aggressive, loud “fans” because I don’t want my guys to think these people are my friends. 

  Congratulations on a super game, Jimmy! 
  Oops. Something is slipping 
  Yasmani and Clayton. Notice that Clayton has cleaned up all the facial hair.
  I was hoping for a win for Clayton
  First pitch
  Follow through
  I was excited to see my favorite batboy Javier. Bat girls are ok but they call off all the time. I wish that experiment having bat girls would be over.
Jimmy running in after hitting his huge homerun. 1-0.

  Justin hit a 2 run double scoring Howie and Adrian in the 3rd. 3-0.
  Baseline special…another tasty salad
  Jimmy reached a milestone…900 rbi’s! If that’s bad karma, I wonder what good karma would be?
  Time to celebrate with chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. My friend Norma called it a work of art.
By the bottom of the 7th, the score was 6-1 and Clayton was headed toward a big win. Thank you guys for all the run support!!!

But the scary bullpen brought the score to 6-4.

Welcome back Kenley! He pitched well even after being on DL since the beginning of the season.

  He struck out four in one inning. How do you do that?
  And the Dodgers beat the Rockies with a score of 6-4. This win was the 100th for Clayton! What a milestone. 
There were so many good moments in this game. It made up for the two back to back losses on Wednesday and Thursday.

Today is an early game preceded by the annual Old Timers Game. I can’t wait to see Shawn Green again.

  Here is an old picture of him with me. 
Thanks for stopping by. Have to get ready early. See you soon.

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