Rain Delay

It rained pretty much all day. I was almost positive that there would be no batting practice so I planned on leaving later than usual.

Unfortunately the traffic was terrible. It took me about 1 1/2 hours as opposed to one hour. The later you leave, the traffic becomes more congested. It wasn’t raining but it was bumper to bumper downtown LA.

  The sky was beautiful over the stadium but very threatening.
  I was hoping it wouldn’t rain until after the game.
  The housekeeping crew was sweeping the water out of the baseline section.
  I was enthralled with the dark skies
  Pedro Baez who pitched so well in relief came out for an interview. He was put on the 15 day DL.
  Zack came out to play catch with AJ.
  Zack and AJ against a beautiful LA sky
  Carlos Frias stuck his head out to check the weather.
  The tarp was on the ground
  Alex also came up out of the dugout. Of course he gave us a big smile. Maybe not.

  AJ and Zack had enough of tossing the ball. Obviously they wanted to say hi and sign autographs. I never ask. They never stop.
  Time to eat
  Pork medallions and turkey
  Brett Anderson was just walking across the field when I came back.
  The black clouds seemed to be clearing 
  Joc came out to the field
  So did Uribear
  Jimmy and Joc had a good laugh
  Howie came out a little later
  National Anthem time
  The sky looked dark but clear
  Brett Anderson came out ahead.

  Yasmani followed
  The Dodgers took the field
  First pitch by Brett
  I thought I better eat my nachos before it started raining
  I really loved the baseline special. It reminded me of a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich without the bread.
  The sky really turned black
  I was actually dressed for the weather. Notice my beautiful Lilly Pulitzer scarf? My sister told me to be careful no one ripped it off my neck.
  The sky turned very black and it started to rain. Chicken me ran up to the club to stay dry. They told me it only rained 2 minutes and stopped.

  A good way to watch the game is to watch it in the club.
It’s a rain delay in the 6th. The score being 4-1. I’ve been in the club. It’s pouring and there was thunder and lightning. If the game is called, the Dodgers win. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, play restarted at 10:20.

Colorado had a horrible record at Dodger Stadium. They had lost 11 straight. Maybe the Dodgers were too confident. Possibly it was the rain delay which was 20 minutes too long since the pitcher won’t return if the delay is more than an hour. Whatever it was, the Dodgers lost when Yimi Garcia allowed a 3 run homerun. The player who hit the homerun had a .192 average.  It had been a 4-2 game but became 5-4 with Colorado on top.

I am disappointed since I stayed to watch the rest of the game.

  The ice cream was melted since it sat out too long during the rain delay. The cookies were cold. There were loyal Dodger fans who stayed hoping for a win. They were set, cold and tired but stayed anyway.
I didn’t get home until after midnight. I wished I had just gone home.

Hopefully the Dodger miracles aren’t over. They have lost two games cutting their lead in the National League West to 4 games over San Diego.

It’s a new day. So like they say, we’ll just turn the page.  Rain is only predicted in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon. Go Dodgers! Let’s start a new winning streak.

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