How To Lose Gracefully

The day already has been off. I’m late getting to Starbucks. I feel off kilter. My problem…I’m not sure how to feel when the Dodgers lose at home. With a record of 15-3 at home, it’s no wonder.

You always feel that the Dodgers will pull off a miracle in those one run games. I have to realize that they will lose once in a while even with 2 huge homeruns.

  Zack was on the field. Not sure why because he never looks at any of the fans. There was no batting practice but we never see him on the field before any game unless he’s pitching.
  They had some interesting chicken tacos in the club
  A variety of salads
  Turkey meatballs, pork loin and pasta
  The game started at 4:50 which is just plain weird. It makes it a day game. No batting practice. It’s like a Sunday but a little later. It throws the whole day off. Joc was getting stretched. He’s becoming my favorite player not just because he is playing so well but also because he is a nice guy. I told him I was getting a jersey made with his name. He gave me a huge smile. Love Joc!
  The fans also love him
  Justin is having a great season so far and has started recently instead of Uribear
Love all that red hair. It seems to be more red as the season progresses

 Alex and Kikè played a little catch. They are two of the hottest Dodgers.

  Carlos Frias and Yasmani walking to the dugout with pitching coach. Carlos wasn’t as sharp.
  And the Dodgers took the field
  Carlos threw the first pitch
It was not the Dodgers’ day. I’m accustomed to 5th inning homeruns. The score was 2-0 Miami until Alex scored on a wild pitch in the 4th. 2-1.

  The nachos didn’t make me feel better
  The baseline special didn’t help either.
  The yellow and red watermelon did cheer me up a little
I decided not to go up for ice cream until the 6th since the 5th seems to be the inning that homeruns happen.  

I didn’t have to wait long for Kikè to hit a long ball scoring Andre as well


Joc also homered

And that was about it. Liberatore loaded up the bases and Hatcher allowed two runs.

There were two plays under review. The first was controversial. Stanton seemed to catch a ball but we saw it bounce before he caught it. They played it over and over for us. They said it bounced on the webbing of his glove. Yeah right. My friend Danny called it right away as trapping. I think that all those officials stick together. They get paid according to their correct and incorrect calls. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together. I love Donnie’s passion. He, of course, was ejected.

Dee, of course, had an outstanding game. Still loving Dee as do all my friends. 

The final score was 5-4.

  Strawberry ice cream didn’t cheer me up. Notice I was so distracted, it melted.
  The timing of the game was strange. It was scheduled early so Miami could board the plane and go home early. The game lasted over 3 agonizing hours.
What to be happy about….Kikè’s and Joc’s homeruns. What not to be happy about…Baez left the game with a sprained tricep. He was the only reliever who threw well. He closed out that bases loaded situation caused by the other relievers.

Hoping it doesn’t rain for the Thursday game. 100% chance of rain Friday. There hasn’t been a rainout at Dodger Stadium in years. We’ll see.

I hope I don’t have to get used to losing.  It’s confusing.

Thanks for stopping by. See you later! Go Dodgers!

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