And It Only Gets Better

My baseball day already started out very special.

  I was on the field again. One of my goals was to take a picture with Kiké. That happened almost right away. He is a very special guy. Happy. Nice. Funny. A great call up from Triple A!
Kikè being interviewed. Notice the cocky tilt of his hat  I asked Justin to take off his hat. He shook his hair so he wouldn’t have hat head. He’s one player I can talk to about anything.
  I’m making something for Clayton’s baby. I told him that I hoped to finish it before the baby turned 16. He thought that was funny.
  Zack was off in his own world as usual. He actually looked at my friend Robert which I thought of as a breakthrough.
  Howie and Jimmy were hanging out
  Donnie was being interviewed in the dugout
  I’m glad to see that Zack interacts with the team
  The keeper of the dugout
  We were amazed to see Mike Bolsinger in running clothes, ear buds in his ear hanging out in the dugout. He was called up from Triple A to pitch. He did something I have never seen a pitcher do on game day. He took pictures with us and signed autographs. He was super nice. He went 5 2/3 innings and earned his first Dodger win. Other than the homerun in the first inning, he didn’t allow another run.
  Yasmani has somehow found the ball and is hitting like crazy
  Jerry Hairston has always been one of my faves. He now announces.
  I can never have too many pictures with wonderful Joc. His haircut is kind of modified faux hawk.
  Joel Peralta is on DL but stopped to autograph for the fans.
  Carlos Frias is pitching on Wednesday.  Good luck Carlos.
  This picture with Scotty Van Slyke turned out black but I lightened it up enough so you can make us out.

  We went to the other side of the field to see Dee Gordon.
  He still is thin. He heard me call out to him. He would not ignore the person he smacked in the face with a foul ball a couple of seasons ago. He came over to hug me. Everyone wanted an autograph but he said he had to hit. 
  I was disappointed in my fellow countryman Ichiro. He never even turned around. Whatever.
  Mike Morse the 3rd baseman was more than happy to sign autographs.
  Ichiro still didn’t turn around.
  I was excited to see Omar Miller who plays Walter on CSI Miami. I asked him how he learned his lines which oftentimes includes complicated medical jargon. He said he has no idea what he is saying. I told him he was totally believable and that I was a nurse. He was so happy he fooled a nurse.
  The day again was beautiful. I keep hearing that there is rain in the forecast.
 In the game the day before, Andre fell headfirst into the stands right into a woman’s lap. I told Andre every woman in the stadium was jealous of that woman. He winked at me and said he thought it was me which is why he fell so hard. He made my day. As my mom would say, what goes around comes around. He was nice to me and was rewarded by the higher powers with 5 out of 5 hits, one being a homerun. Andre will always be one of my favorites.

  Time to eat. It was bobble head day so it was crowded everywhere including the club. Bobble head day tends to bring out the weirdos.
Fantastic barbecue beef sandwiches. Artichoke pasta, cannelloni beans

Buttermilk fried chicken which was juicy and delicious

  And of course the chili Dodger dogs
I ran into Kenny Landreaux in the club. My selfies are getting a little better.

  Here’s starting pitcher Mike Bolsinger looking a little differently than earlier. 
  Joc signing someone’s jersey
  Victor Espinosa, the jockey, threw out the first pitch. He is very small.
  The Dodgers took the field.
The game started out in the first inning with a huge homerun by Stanton. It went over left field pavilion, only the 5th homerun in Dodger Stadium history to leave the park.  It would be the only run by the Marlins. Another significant occurrence was the hard grounder hit by Howie that smashed into Dan Haren’s left arm. Dan stayed in the game although he had a good sized bruise. I know how it feels. I’ve been hit numerous times in both arms and my head. The ball really hurts!

The game changed its tone when Howie hit a homerun in the third inning.

Dan only pitched 4 1/3 innings but allowed 6 runs on 11 hits. With Andre’s homerun in the 4th, Haren has allowed 8 homeruns this season already. Dan is the most consistent Marlins pitcher.  Oops. Not his day.

I went up to the club in the 5th to get ice cream and by the time I had finished eating it, the score was 11-1. The Dodgers scored 4 runs in the 5th and 5 runs in the 6th. I looked up and the score had changed quite a bit.

  The ice cream was good but I think I missed most of the scoring when I was in the club. Many times when I go up, they hit homeruns. Maybe I should stay in the club.
  The Clayton Kershaw bobble head
I wonder why it’s in a purple box.

  There’s Andre

  Many of the fans left early….like the 6th inning.
A full stadium became half empty. I always stay to the end even with the score 11-1 in the 9th. It wasn’t crowded getting out of the stadium.

  It just seems to get better.
Wednesday’s game will be at 4:50, a strange time but will help the Marlins out. They fly back home after the game and don’t get a day off.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hi Crystal. See everyone later. Go Dodgers!!

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