My Marathon Life

This past weekend was a blur. I had to juggle Dodgers and work and also try to manage on no sleep for two days.

  Saturday I came to early batting practice as usual. It was a nice surprise to see starter Brett Anderson.
  But it was special to see who he was throwing the ball to..Clayton Kershaw.
  It was once again a gorgeous day.



 AJ, Clayton and Steve Yaeger in the foreground

  Very closeup with Clayton

  Justin Turner


  Time for some munchies in the club…meatloaf, pasta and curry chicken 

  Of course I enjoyed the salad.
  Joc was already out in the field

  How can anyone refuse this little guy an autograph?

  Joc signing a few autographs


  Yasmani and Scott Baker

  A little lemon sorbet

  Homemade cookies fresh from the oven


The game became exciting when Joc homered to tie the game and former Angel Howie broke the tie with an RBI single for a 6-4 comeback win over the D Backs!

Joc has 6 home runs so far this season and it’s only May!

The game seemed to end abruptly at the top of the 9th when Peralta seemed to hit a single but instead it hit base runner Pacheco which was the final out. Strange.

I was happy that the game ended since I had to go to work at midnight. However, my car wouldn’t start. I called Triple A. It only took the tow truck driver about 20 minutes which was amazing since there was a crowd of cars at the gates trying to get out.  Later I found out Dodger Stadium has trucks with jumper cables to help out cars with battery problems. 

The first thing that the tow truck driver said was that Pacquiao lost. At that point I didn’t care. I was worried about being stranded at Dodger Stadium and not being able  to get back to Long Beach. I had texted my friend Crystal. I’m not sure why I did that since she is Bahrain. I probably was panicking and not thinking straight.  I called work to tell them my situation but of course they weren’t understanding by telling me I had to get to work since no one else could come and there was only one nurse in the ER at that point to work. Add another stress! The car started and I was able to get back to Long Beach. It was white knuckle driving all the way back.

Of course my car wouldn’t start once I stopped it so I had to drive another car to work.  No time for even a 15 minute nap. 

I worked all night until 8:00 the next morning. I had to get the car washed since it was so dirty. I hadn’t expected to have to drive this car anywhere. My Dodger car wouldn’t start and I didn’t have time to call my mechanic.  I also had to put gas in it. Tick tick tick. No time again for a nap. I got ready to go to the last game of the series hoping for a sweep. 

  Nomar Garciaparra and Orel Hershriser were on the field probably discussing what they would talk about during their broadcast.
  I saw Brandon McCarthy in the dugout. He just had surgery on his arm. Here’s an exclusive pic I took. I asked him how he was. He was surprised I knew him by name (of course I did) . He told me he was good.
  It was my sharp reporting eye. Haha. He came up for half a second and he was gone.
Chris Hatcher stopped to say hi and sign an autograph for one of my friends.

  They had another Little League parade. It was getting too hot already and I was beginning to feel more and more tired. It had already been more than 24 hours without sleep.
  I was still hungry so I went to the club to eat.
  Since it was a day game they served a sort of brunch with baked eggs, ham and chocolate French toast
  I went back to the field and saw AJ who started the game.
  He gave his batting gloves to a little boy. It was a nice thing for AJ to do.
  Joc is becoming one of my favorites being one of the most valuable offensive and defensive Dodgers on the team.
  He’s very fan friendly. Everyone wants his autograph.
  Juan is another fan favorite
  Brett Anderson walks out ahead of the catcher, the only pitcher who does that but he gives the ball in his hand to a child on the way to the dugout from the bullpen.
  AJ and Rick Honeycutt walked together behind Brett.
  The Dodgers took the field. It was already hot. I was really tired.
  I really love my servers and the runners who deliver the in seat food. The runner put my diet coke and fruit under the table out of the sun.
  And delivered my food. Two orders of nachos, one bases loaded and the other throwback.
  Getting ready for the first pitch
  I came equipped with my Tajin which my friend Crystal introduced me to. It makes fruit taste so much better.
  The cutest usher at Dodger Stadium, my buddy John.
  I ran into my friend Rafa in the club. Congrats to him for completing his education and starting his internship at Kaiser. It’s soda in his cup.
  I had gone up to the club because it was too hot in my seat.
  When I went back to my seat, I finished my watermelon which was absolutely delicious.
  I went to the other side of the stadium in the 8th inning. It was a tie game. I looked into the D Backs bullpen.
  The view of the game is totally different.
  Other people were enjoying the game with lots of beer. Hopefully they weren’t driving. Notice they were eating salad with their beer.
  It went into extra innings so I had to leave by the 11th to get to work on time. Yes, I had back to back games and work. It was a marathon weekend.

To add a little more misery to my weekend, my debit card was denied. I found out later it’s because they put a flag on my account because I tried to buy gas twice in one day. Just my luck!!!

I was very sad to learn I missed Yasmani’s game winning play at the top of the 13th and walk off homerun at the bottom of the 13th.

  I’ve been at odds since my fave Barney has been in Triple A. Yasmani, Joc, Kiké and Justin are all my favorites now.
The Dodgers lost last night to Milwaukee. Somehow they seem to lose to the last place team.

I’m sitting at my favorite Starbucks a little sick with an annoying cough. I talked to the nicest LBPD officer Rocky

  The Starbucks I go to is the one on Willow and Long Beach Blvd. It’s the best Starbucks I’ve ever been to. I always thought they might think I was homeless because I sit there for hours writing my blog and watching Netflix but they are super.
  I’m busy coughing and generally miserable this morning and my favorite barista brought me black tea. It calmed my cough. Thank you so much!!
It was a marathon weekend. Hopefully I don’t go through one like that again.

  I was excited to get this in the mail. I’ll never be without my Sriracha sauce again
I bought this charm bracelet at Dodger Stadium. The bracelet and each charm are sold separately. I think I have all the charms. The bracelet is only $10 and each charm is between $5-$7.  It’s cute and a good deal.

Thanks for stopping by. A special hello to Crystal, Dr J and Starbucks!! See you soon.

And Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!!

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