Home Run Derby

The last game of the 3 game series with the Giants proved to be a home run derby for the Dodgers.  While Tuesday nights game seemed a little boring because it was a pitcher’s duel, Wednesday night was packed with excitement.

  Kershaw was tossing the ball to Brett Anderson when I arrived to batting practice.
 It was nice to see our closer Kenley walking without a limp. He is getting closer to returning.

  I love watching batting practice. Many others who arrive early like to pester the guys for autographs and balls. It was Clayton Kershaw fleece blanket giveaway day so everyone was there. I have one team ball that I am having autographed. I bought the ball at Target and I only get it autographed when the Dodger is already signing and I happen to be there. So far it is quite full.
  Those of us with baseline seats have the opportunity to get close to the dugout.  The money I use to pay for my season ticket is actually enough to buy a nice used car. My Dodger experience is worth it to me. I work hard for a living as an ER nurse but every penny I use for my season ticket is worth it to me.  A few years ago I had season tickets in the field section front row by the left field foul pole. The season ticket price was about $8,000 less. But I enjoy my baseline seat a hundred times more. Baseline seats are available on Stub Hub. Everyone should have the experience at least once. Another pet peeve of mine is those who stay in baseline without a ticket.  

Andre is always fan friendly and signs for everybody. He has been able to play everyday because of injuries to Puig and Crawford. I’m so glad the management didn’t jump the gun and trade him. He has always been one of my favorites. I picked my baseline season seat because it was right in front of where he stretched. 

  I was excited to see Kiké Hernandez again. I reminded him to say hi to Darwin Barney. His first name is pronounced “Kee-Kay”. Please don’t call him “Kee-Kee.” He did well in Tuesday’s game when he started.
  And Justin….my substitute favorite until Barney comes back up. I love this picture I took of him.
  Time to eat. I had already seen Donnie and shook his hand so I ran up to the club. The salads were wonderful: the gem salad and also the barley salad are two of my favorites.
  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this enormous strawberry.
  The food was outstanding. The whipped potatoes were scrumptious. The turkey was tender and juicy. The Nieman Ranch pork roast pasta was the best pasta ever. Not pictured is the steak. What a spread! It’s another perk of baseline seats.
  I have become quite adept at concocting an amazing Dodger chili dog. 
  The chefs in the baseline club are so good at what they do!
  I wish I could take them home with me!
  I had a chance to talk to my best friend Dr J. She is oftentimes stadium doctor. Don’t you love her scrubs? She also is an ER doc and palliative care specialist. Funny I call her Dr J after all these years. 
  I went back to the field in time to watch Yasmani and Zack warming up.

  The on field announcers were getting ready
  Scotty Van Slyke also started because of the injuries.
  One of my favorites Uribear.
  Joc Pederson is working on winning a Golden Glove award this year. He has made some great catches.
  Up close he looks very young. He is only 23 years old.
  Uribe and Scotty
  Yasmani, Rick Honeycutt the pitching coach and the undefeated Zack Greinke
  And the Dodgers take the field.
  The day was beautiful.
  Kids take the field. Lucky child is getting an autograph
  First pitch
  Baseline special. Tofu salad. 
  I did a little Barney shopping. I was lucky to snag his post season locker tag.
  And his spring training jersey. So excited. It has his old number but who cares?
  It was an exciting game. Thank you Ryan Vogelsong. The Giants did score first in the first inning but the Dodgers rallied back with a homerun by Joc, another by Adrian, a two run home run by Andre making the score 4-1. The last Dodger homerun was Jimmy’s in the third inning making the score 5-1. 
  I knew I shouldn’t have taken a picture with Brandon Crawford who hit a 2 run homerun in the 4th inning. It seems whenever I take a picture with the enemy, he hits a homerun. Yikes! 
The score became 7-3 with a sacrifice fly by Zack who is the ultimate athlete. That would be the final score.

The Dodgers lead all of MLB with the most homeruns.

  Always nice to leave the stadium hearing “I Love LA” blaring. The traffic getting out was gruesome. It took me 15 minutes to get to the freeway when it usually only takes 3. I didn’t mind because I was on a high from an exhilarating game.
I want to give a heads up to my friend Crystal who is deployed to Bahrain. She reads my blog everyday for a taste of home. Stay safe Crystal and thank you for your service.

Also thanks to my friend Rocky who is a member of the Long Beach PD for the service he does to my neighborhood.


Thursday is an off day so the Dodgers can have time with their families and I can go to work.  The Dodgers are still in first place NL West, two games ahead  since the Rockies lost. Friday the Dodgers begin a 3 game series against the D Backs. Speaking of D Backs, prayers to Kirk Gibson, former coach of the D Backs, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll talk to you later.

Go Dodgers!


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