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Blog the BallotVoting is underway on the 2015 Esurance MLB All-Star Ballot to decide starters for the 86th All-Star Game on July 14 in Cincinnati. The largest All-Star balloting program in sports is now online only.

We’re looking for your blog posts about your picks after you vote, so please let us know if you Blog the Ballot by simply leaving your Permalink URL in the comments here. Use #ASGWorthy in hashtags. We’ll surface any ballot posts right here this week.

Flashin’ Leather: Crippy on the 2015 MLB All-Star Game

Angels Fans Unite: Halo Hunt, Franchise Four, All-Star Voting

Shoestring Catches: It’s not the All-Star ballot, but here’s a great Franchise Four ballot post worth seeing. Blog about those, too.

White Sox Insider: Here’s an early sighting of a VOTE badge…

Jack O’Connell’s Cutoff Man: With the Yankees off to a strong start, it is now up to fans to…

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