Mad Bum Rides Again

I started out the day feeling a little like I was getting sick. I felt tired and my throat was sore. I went to Starbucks as usual but I didn’t finish my coffee. I went back home and took a long nap and felt a little better but I still felt tired.

I got to the stadium early for batting practice. There was a camera crew from Sports Center filming diehard Dodger fans. They came up to me and asked me to be part of it. Me? A diehard Dodger fan?? I only live eat breathe Dodgers. I turned them down being a little grumpy. I thought about it and decided to do it. I am a bit of a ham sometimes. 

My minimal experience in front of the camera was a commercial for the baseline club which actually aired on TV. Many people came up to me and told me they saw me on television.

My other experience was the movie Collateral which starred Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox. I was an on scene technical advisor. They wanted to make sure the hospital scenes were realistic. My short scene was cut and ended up on the cutting room floor. Tom Cruise was friendly and professional. Jamie was a darling. He hugged me whenever he saw me much to the dismay of his body guard. I was in awe of Michael Mann the talented award winning director. He always yelled, “Get that nurse!” That was me. I remember looking at the film from the day and Tom Cruise asking me what I thought. Me!!!!

Anyway, back to Sports Center. They told me they would call me when it aired. 

  It was a bit hot when I first got there but by the time I finished my interview, it was shady at the seats. Batting practice was in full swing.

That’s Lorenzo Bundy the 3rd base coach.

Today was USC night.  

Here is the shirt for my sister. Dodger shirt in USC colors. There was one extreme fan who was wearing USC band head wear. I wonder if he was in the band.  It is an awesome band. Needless to say he was very drunk. You’d have to be to come to a game like that.

  After I picked up the shirt I decided to eat. The carving table offered roast pork with gravy. The side dishes were sea food paella and cannelloni beans with sweet sausage. Everything was delicious.
  I can’t forget to mention the salad

  Kershaw was just starting his warmup when I went outside. 


Sergio was giving the ball girls final instructions.

  Uribear always comes out to stretch.

  Alex Guerrero has become a fan favorite probably because he is hitting homeruns.

  They brought Kiké Hernandez up from minors. I asked him to say hi to Barney when he hears from him and to tell him he’s still my favorite.

Clayton isn’t quite in his groove yet although he had a good game after Posey’s homerun. Everyone says not to worry.  He didn’t get run support but the Mad Bum, Madison Bumgarner was almost flawless. 

Food is always comforting.

Bumgarner had a great day. We all knew it would be a pitchers duel which to me can get boring.  The Dodgers only scored one run with Kiké getting 2 hits, Jimmy one, Uribear one and Scotty one.  If we could have taken that Buster guy out, it might have been a Dodger win. The Giants had 10 hits with Buster belting a home run.

Wednesday Zack Greinke and Ryan Vogelsang will be pitching.  Vogelsang has a 7.71 ERA and Zack a 1.35, Zack performing like an ace. Scotty has a 7 game hitting streak. Uribear is hitting well. Hopefully the Dodgers can pull it off despite mounting injuries: Puig and Crawford recently and Ryu and Kenley getting close to returning.

Wednesday is also Clayton Kershaw fleece blanket night which means it will be crowded. I hate giveaway nights. Everyone comes.

At least I’m feeling better. Dodgers are still first place NL West, Rockies losing to D Backs 5-12. 

Thanks for stopping by. See you later! Hopefully I will be writing about a win.

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