Not so Evil Giants

Today was the first game of the series with the Giants…or evil Giants as Dodger fans like  to say. 

It was a good day since we were scheduled to be on the field. I invited Robert and Grant as I usually do but I also invited Ryan and his Dad Robert. Ryan is only 14 and doesn’t drive so Dad was the chauffeur.  Ryan’s Dad had never been on the field so it was a first for him.

Thank you again Tess Gilmore.

  Here she is with Ryan.

It was a good day for pictures and autographs. I was happy for Ryan.

  Howie Kendrick is one of the nicest Dodgers. Apparently when he was an Angel, he also was very fan friendly.  Angel fans were very sorry to lose him.
  Tommy was in front of the dugout so he was ok with taking pictures. He was busy on his phone which was one of those flip phones.
  Scott Baker pitched well against San Diego yesterday  but took a loss despite that.
  My friend Robert really wanted a picture with Chris Hatcher since his goal is to have a picture taken with every player and later autographed.
  I like our picture from fan fest better!!  So silly.
  And how about Ryan with Joc. Joc is only a few years older than Ryan…! He had an amazing game both defensively and offensively.
  I don’t think I’ve ever  had a picture with JP and he was happy to oblige.
  I told Justin he was my favorite now. Thumbs up. He hit a 3 run home run today. Awesome off the bench. How difficult is that? I love that he turned his hat around so his face isn’t shaded. Red shades for @redturn2.
  And sad news about Brandon McCarthy. Torn UCL, most likely headed for Tommy John surgery. He’s one of the nicest baseball players I’ve ever met. He is on the 15 day DL. He’s a prolific tweeter.
 And I love Donnie. He’s always happy to take a picture with me. I was sure to give him a good luck hand shake.
  What is the field experience without having The Ethier Experience.  Carl left in the 2nd inning. Suddenly there doesn’t seem to be too many outfielders. Andre has been phenomenal off the bench. With Puig on DL Andre definitely has a starting spot.
  I was excited to have a picture with AJ.  He took pictures and signed autographs, something he doesn’t do often.
  Look at those gorgeous blue eyes.
  We went to the other side hoping to get a glimpse of Buster Posey. The Giants were very polite and friendly although we were obviously Dodger fans. That shows a lot of class although Buster did ignore us.  Here I am with Casey McGehee.
 Angel Pagan also took pictures with us. He came over to us and signed. I commented about the team being World Series champs. He said modestly that somehow they pull it off. He was amazing.

  And dreamboat Brandon Crawford. He is very sweet. He is even more handsome up close. I can’t help looking a little goofy.
  I was hoping the curse of the homerun was over. Usually if I take a picture with the enemy, the aforesaid player would hit a homerun. Thank you…the curse is over! No homeruns by the Giants. However Joc and Justin both hit homeruns!!
By the time Ryan and I left the field, the others had already skipped out to eat. I was too excited to eat and so was Ryan. We were the  sole survivors.

  I nibbled the salad.
  And tried to eat the delicious offerings but I still could only eat a little.
I remembered the Cy Young pin giveaway. Today’s pin honored Don Drysdale.

  The pin is part of a set of 8.
  I managed to get back to my seat in time to watch Brett Anderson finish his stretching and go into the bullpen.  Some of the Dodgers came out to stretch and run.
  Uribe likes doing leg stretches.
  The National Anthem
  Everyone comes out of the dugout to show respect during the National Anthem.
  Jimmy Rollins signed a few autographs.
  Coco was with her brothers Jack and Jeffrey. They asked if they could be in my blog. I should have told them that this blog is serious business and I would not tolerate funny faces.  Oh well, one out of three isn’t bad.

  I Don’t know why Brett doesn’t walk with Yasmani from the bullpen.  He always walks alone.
  I always like the first pitch.
  I was busy eating the baseline awesome salad, when I realized no Javier, my batboy!!
  But a female batboy. Oh no!!! I miss Javier!!

Tim Lincecum was pitching for the Giants. He has his good days and sometimes he’s awful.  Thank goodness he was not on his game tonight.

It started in the third inning with Andre scoring on a Kendrick single.  Then Gonzalez scored on a throwing error by Giants phenom catcher Susac. Uribe singled and Kendrick scored. The inning ended with a double by Joc which scored Scotty and Uribear. It was a 4 run inning for the Dodgers.

Brett Anderson started to come unglued in the fifth. The Giants crept to  within one run of the Dodgers. LA 4 SF 3 which brought out Carlos Frias in relief for the Dodgers.

Joc pounded a solo homerun in the sixth which brought all of us to our feet!

Justin, my favorite, who was pinch hitting,  hit a 3 run homerun in the 8th which pretty much ended the misery for the Giants.

  I can’t end this blog without a picture of Andre in right field. 
  I always love leaving to “I Love LA” the Dodgers victory song.

Tuesday night should be an exciting night matching up Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw and Madison Baumgarner. It’s also USC night. I’m picking up a Dodgers USC teeshirt for my sister who received her doctorate from there. My sister is a first grade teacher who is amazing…an expert surfer in her spare time, a gourmet cook, cat lover and awesome human being. 

  Here she is at the beach doing what she loves most…..surfing. Love you Jojo!
  Here’s the final score…thank you Apple Watch.
I’m glad we were on the field tonight because after the loss I don’t know if the Giants would be so nice to us.  I won’t call them evil anymore after actually meeting Angel and Brandon. I think my friend said it better than I can. It’s the Giants fans we don’t like, not the players. 

Thanks for stopping by. Also thank you for letting me share my experiences with you.  I woke up with a sore throat and aching all over.  Hopefully it’s just from the screaming and excitement of the game.

BTW @chadmoriyama what do you look like anyway? I probably see you everyday!!

Go Dodgers. Bye. See you later.


  1. Seven Costanza

    Awesome blog even if it comes from a Dodger =)

    -Orange bleeding Giants fan, and respecter of Jedi Master Kershaw

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