Swept away

i hope this is the last time I have to say this. The first place Dodgers were swept by the last place Giants. But the Dodgers are still in first place and the Giants are still in last place. Oh well!!!!

But putting things in perspective.,,,Am I upset? Not really. Maintaining a streak, I’m sure is stressful. Now we can start over.

I’m on the field Monday with my friends Robert, Robert, Ryan and Grant. I can give my Dodgers a lot of TLC. Thank you Tess Gilmore for the opportunity. My blog friends also thank you. They are able to share my experiences .

I got a notice that my Apple Watch has been shipped and will be one of the first delivered. Tomorrow is the first day we get a first hand glimpse of it.  I have been excited from the moment it was announced. Anyone who knows me is aware I am a bit of a geek.  I would rather get a new charger than a dress.

Although the Dodgers got swept by rivals the Giants, all is still right with the world. I love you all. Please continue to stop by and share my experiences with you. See you later.

PS All the pictures on my blog were taken on my IPhone 6+.  I don’t post any pictures I didn’t take except kitty pictures taken by my sister Jojo and those taken by my friends of myself with the Dodgers. 

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