End of the Streak

All I can say is that the Dodgers have always been known for winning games against the tough teams and then losing to the under dogs. That’s what happened last night. The Dodgers ended their 7 game winning streak against a team who had lost 9 of their last 10. Thanks to the Dodgers, now the Giants can say 9 of the last 11. 

But then the Dodgers have also been known for rallying from behind.  Hopefully they can start another winning streak tonight.

Meanwhile, I have been working. I’ve also been on the prowl for more Lilly Pulitzer stuff for my sister. 


 With matching iPhone case 

  Not quite my taste except maybe the iPhone case.

I’m waiting for that Apple Watch which should be delivered Friday. I have my fingers crossed.  I’m keeping busy but really miss my Dodgers.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Dodgers!!!

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