Kershaw Day

  The traffic was terrible getting to the stadium. Most of the time it takes about 45-50 minutes to get there but today it took more than an hour. Not happy.

  I was in plenty of time to watch the pitchers warming up.  Here’s Pedro.


  And Andre



I decided to go to the club since the guys went in early for their debriefing before the game. Batting practice has been short the last couple of games.

  The pasta and pork was delicious. 

  I was excited to find the Caesars salad was back.

I was curious about the dinner event the night before. The chefs told me that the food served came from the club. It included a steak, bass and fingerling potatoes. No dessert. Not worth the $1000 and up charge. I love to eat so the menu is important to me. I only know of 3 people who went and of course they said it was fun. They had some pictures taken with the celebrities but autographs were a no-no. Magic was reluctant  to take pictures.  That’s sad since he was one of the hosts. My friends said they tried to take pictures of the Dodgers on the runway in their Ted Baker finery but that they went too fast. John Soo Hoo had posted pictures. They were, of course, fantastic. It was as good as being there. However for me Dodgers in suits are not my thing.

I had told myself it was either spending money on the event or getting an Apple watch. I’m glad I opted for the watch. The event is over and I have absolutely no misgivings about missing it. I usually donate money to the Dodgers Dream Foundation by bidding on the silent auction or going to a charity event.  I’m sure I still have many opportunities.

  I went back out to the field. Kershaw was stretching. He’s had his worst showing in his career this month. I keep hoping he’s not hurt.

  Yasmani came out to the field to practice with Kershaw. I’m beginning to really respect him. With this outing, I’m beginning to think he has become our starting catcher. Usually AJ catches for Kershaw. Yasmani has done a great job.


I hope Kershaw has a good game.

  I always like watching the guys stretch before the game. Joc usually does some running.

  A little stretching


Howie is becoming a huge fan favorite. Besides being a clutch player, he is fan friendly. He signs almost everyday. But not today.

  I just love Juan Uribe or Popi as a lot of fans call him.

  Front view of Juan and back view of Carl



A view of the Dodgers during the National Anthem

  Carl came over and signed

  I had him sign on my team ball.

I usually don’t like to get balls signed because I have a hard time figuring out the autographs later on. I have to ask my buddy Ryan to help me. He’s so good he can tell me who the players are when they are not familiar to me.

  There were three adorable girls trying to get autographs. Coco is in the middle. She loves Juan Uribe. Her friends Caroline and Margo were also waiting for an autograph or two.


Kershaw, Yasmani and Rick Honeycutt 

  And the Dodgers took the field. Andre is playing right field for Yasiel who is still having a tight hamstring issue.


 The game went well. Kershaw again was not at his sharpest. Tulowitski was able to get yet another homerun from him. But the Dodgers offense was again stellar.

  I was once again able to eat my piña colada ice cream in the 6th inning and be confident since we weren’t playing catchup. The Dodgers were never behind in this game. I admit I was worried since Colorado is such a powerhouse. They have an awesome lineup of powerful hitters. But our Dodgers are fighters. This team is one who pulls magic out of a hat and comes from behind. Last year if we were behind in the earlier innings, there were only two times we ended up winning the game. I would rest assured if I left in the 9th inning, we would lose anyway. This year, I stay until the final out.

  The outfield consisting of Andre, Joc and Carl

  A shot of Adrian resting between plays. Adrian has been our hottest hitter. He has had a record breaking first 2 weeks.

  I’m glad Kershaw got the win, his first outing being a no decision. The final score was 7-3 with Howie hitting a huge homerun. Once again Adrian is the player of the game scoring 3 runs with 3 hits and 2 RBI. His average is now .550. Howie had 2 hits and 3 RBI with a .342 average. Andre has a .350 average. Let him play!!!


  The Dodgers are now tied with the Rockies for first place. They play again tonight.  It will be a matchup between Greinke who has been downright dirty and Lyles. Greinke had a tough spring training but being a strong athlete, he put everything together before his first outing.

There is  a Tommy Lasorda book signing today. I’m not sure if I want to stand in yet another line. We’ll see. I’d love to get a book for my son but it will totally throw my routine off. My family all thrives on having a certain routine. My sister and I go to the same restaurants and order the same meals. We shop at certain places. She always wears Lilly Pulitzer clothes. Routine is comfort.  My Dodger game routine is already set for this year. Book signing would throw me off.

All my pictures were taken with my IPhone. I usually get a camera every other year. I am waiting for the new Nikon with the huge zoom.  I have an SLR but the lens alone weighs a ton. I notice when I have a camera, I am too busy taking pictures and lose track of the game. Hmmm the pros and cons of taking pictures!!!

I’m getting my phone case signed by the guys. So far I have gotten Justin and Uribe. Justin was really happy that he was on my phone case. He couldn’t believe I had Darwin on my other case. He looked at the case and said ” You have BARNEY on your case? BARNEY?” A little rivalry??


What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by. See you later!! Go Dodgers!!

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