Civil Rights Game

Today is Jackie Robinson Day when all the players wear “42” to honor him for breaking the color barrier in baseball. It’s appropriate that the giveaway is a 42 jersey.


I’m planning on sending mine to my son. I have quite a collection to send him: the zip up jacket, Star Wars tee shirt, opening day teeshirt and now the 42 teeshirt. Considering he lives in Washington DC, probably better not to wear any of these to a Nationals game.

  The players went in early probably because of the program planned prior to the game. Donnie answered a few questions from reporters and herded my question “When is Barney coming back?” with a reassuring “soon”.

  He signed a few autographs and gave us fist bumps for luck.

  Fernando Valenzuela also was being interviewed by the press.

I decided to go to the club to eat since nothing was going on yet.

  There was Nieman ranch pork roast and Rosemary dusted roast chicken. Both were excellent!

  My chef Armando always has a smile, a hug and wonderful delicious food.

  Something good is cooking. All are Cordon Bleu trained chefs.

  The food always looks appealing

  Still cooking and serving. There’s Bud who is the main chef. Notice he’s not wearing the chef’s hat? He never does.

  I picked up the current issue of the Dodger magazine on the way out. It’s a well put together magazine with interesting pictures and articles.

  My server is gorgeous and efficient. She knows what I want without asking me.  Hmmmm. Two diet cokes, fruit cup, bases loaded nachos, baseline special, Cracker Jack and peanuts.

  The food comes to me warm and fresh.  My runner is  signing LA.

  There was a ceremony before the game. It actually brought tears to my eyes. 

  Dodger Stadium was picked for the Civil Rights game this year which is appropriate because Jackie Robinson was a Dodger.


  The best looking men at Dodger Stadium are Ryan with dad Robert. He gave me sympathy for my anguish regarding Barney being sent down to minors. He knew I would be a basket case.

  My buddy Robert and his lookalike nephew Matt are always with me when I am on the field.

  Everyone was wearing 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. Can you guess who this is?  Here’s a hint…rhymes with “doc”.

 Or this Dodger player?  One of my favorites. Recently gave me batting gloves.


Or this one?  No hints. Magic Johnson was part of the ceremony as well as Rachel Robinson, Jackie  Robinson’s widow. 



Yasmani got caught halfway down the field when they announced the National Anthem.  Usually they get to the dugout before that time.  Here he is with the pitching coach Rick Honeycutt.

  He did smile in my direction. Oh my heart skipped a beat!

  And Bret Anderson our starting pitcher caught up and they proceeded to the dugout. One thing he does is he tosses the baseball in his hand to a child before he gets back to the dugout. 


  The others got a ride out of the stadium

  And the Dodgers took the field

  The mariners were out in order very quickly at the top of the first inning. What a relief!  No home runs. Anderson was fantastic.

  Grandal started it with a base hit.  Then Howie, Andre and Scotty hit a double scoring 3. 

And Yasmani gets on base again with a walk in the second. Gonzalez brings in a run with a base hit.


Ethier draws a walk,  Van Slyke and Uribe both get base hits. Joc then hits Ethier in


The score is now 5-0. It feels strange to not be playing catch up. So at the end of the third Dodgers have a comfortable lead.   The games with the Mariners have been phenomenal because they are predicted to win the AL West. 

Anderson is doing really well. He must have heard that David Huff was DFA’d after last nights pitching.  Geez starting pitcher one day and then cast out to sea the next. Carlos Frias was brought up to take his place in the 25 man roster. No Barney yet.

The defense has been perfect, with awesome catches by left field Van Slyke and centerfield Joc.

Then Nelson Cruz kept up his hot homerun streak so the score is 5-1.

A huge out in the 5th when Joc threw a shot to home plate where Yasmani was able to tag the runner out preventing a run. The runner being Robinson Cano who probably wasn’t paying attention.


In the bottom of the fourth Andre continues to be hot and hits a base hit


And another base hit by Scotty.

At the bottom of the 6th inning, the score is still 5-2.

  Time for a little piña colada ice cream. I usually go to the club  around the 6th inning to get my cookies. Last year they didn’t have hand scooped ice cream. They brought it back this year. So excited.

Faith Evans sang a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful”.”Take Me Out to the Ball game” came after that accompanied by wonderful Nancy Bea.



  A cute little guy played peek a boo with me.

Top of the 9th inning, the score is still 5-2, the Dodgers holding on to the lead. I’ve trekked to the other side of the stadium since I am parked in lot k. I’m parked there because it’s a quick exit to the 110 freeway.  I know that I need to start out by the bottom of the 8th to get to the dark side.  Most of the time I feel like a fish swimming upstream because it seems like everyone is going the other way.

Baez is today’s closer. He’s been pretty consistent.

  It’s nice to see Andre in right field.

Oops. Donnie’s brought JP out. It must be a righty lefty thing.

  A break in the action while JP warms up.


They’re probably planning something for their day off tomorrow. Probably talking about the diamond gala dinner with the Ted Baker fashion show that is starring Dodger players and legends. It’s for charity but the cost was $1000 a person and up. A little expensive for chicken. And seeing my guys dressed up in suits is really not my thing. I don’t like to dress up and this event would involve wearing a dress and real shoes. Huh??? Besides that I have to put on my other hat and work.

  I’m taking these pictures from the other side of the stadium or as I affectionately tell people, the dark side. I sit in baseline on the Dodger side. This is a view of baseline on the enemy side.

  JP decided his shoes needed tying.

  JP was able to get the outs and they played my favorite song “I Love LA”.



And the Dodgers swept the Mariners. It was a great feeling. I think the general consensus was that the Dodgers might win the series. Sweeping the Mariners is a nice thing.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m a little sleepy. Day off tomorrow. See you soon.

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