Star Wars Night

i’m in a bad mood. No Barney.

  It’s Star Wars night.

  Everyone is in the Star Wars mood including big Dodger guy.

  I bought an extra ticket with a voucher so I can get my son a teeshirt.

 That paratrooper must be a little uncomfortable. It is a nice shirt. The line was a mile long. I wasn’t happy.

  Meanwhile I looked around and noticed things I hadn’t before.

  Tommy Lasorda has an Italian fast food place. They say the food is pretty good.

  Of course there is a very large World Series ring to pose with.

  On one of the walls is displayed all the Dodger Cy Young award winners.

Batting practice was very short. The guys went in for their pregame lecture.

  The poor fellow standing right next to me got hit in the hand by a ball after it had grazed me on the shoulder. That was a close call. You can see the laces from the ball on his hand. I never said that it hit me too. I’m Asian. I just wanted to disappear through the ground and pretend it didn’t hit me. Even if a bone was sticking through the skin, I would deny getting hit.

It was getting to be a ritual every year that I had to get hit by a ball. I’ve been hit numerous times in the arm. Once it hit me hard enough that my wrist was numb.  I actually went to urgent care to have it xrayed. The ball had hit my wrist so hard it looked like a second degree burn. I had a lump there for months. I couldn’t pretend the ball didn’t hit me because my favorite pink watch was shattered to pieces and lay all over the ground.

The worst of course was 3 years before Dee Gordon became a decent hitter, he hit me with a ball in the left eye. I had a black eye for 2 months and  still have a scar under my eyebrow.  If it had been the next year, he could have taken my eye out because he was becoming pretty good at hitting.

I saw Donnie in the dugout and after we shook hands for luck, I said in a whimpering voice “My Barney!”  He looked at me and said “Sorry Cat. But you know they go down and come back up and then they go down.” That was supposed to be comforting?

Barney was sent down to bring starting pitcher David Huff up from minors. 

  Ok fine.

  The fare included a repeat of yesterday’s salads.

  Pasta, Mahi Mahi, chicken breast.

  Here is a picture of the club where I eat.

  Being Star Wars night, the force was with us and stayed with us with a big sprinkling of miracles and determination.

  Trying to decide who my substitute favorite would be until Barney returns. Joc?

  Uribear would be a reasonable pick.

  Jimmy oft times the hero of the day

  Carl who has been friendly and charming?

  Howie who is fast coming a fan favorite signing autographs everyday

  My first autograph. He carefully signed. It’s a beautiful autograph. Everyone asks for the sweet spot. I think it looks cool where it is under the MLB trademark. But then of course I’m never going to sell it.

And then the game started.

The first inning seemed to be a repeat of yesterday.  0-3. Great. I knew then it would be another game of catchup.

  I’m kind of liking the catcher Yasmani. Greinke sings high praises for him.

  To break up the monotony of the first few innings of the game, they had a contest right behind me. Guess how the Dodger would answer a random question. The fan answered it wrong but still won a pair of green neon shoes.

  And of course there is the traveling souvenir guy whose motto is “No waiting. No waiting.” Sometimes he turns a corner and knocks my drinks right off the table. Notice my diet cokes in the bottom left of the picture.

  There was a brief discussion between Rick Honeycutt the pitching coach and Huff.  Probably Honeycutt is telling him he might as well pack his bags to go back down to triple A.

  And then the game came  back to life when Alex hit a homerun. He is definitely making a case to let him play!  Score is 3-4 with a pitching change coming up.

  Rick Honeycutt is talking to relief pitcher Nicasio after walking two. At least last night McCarthy didn’t walk anybody righting the ship before it sank.

  Time to go to the club to drown my sorrows with a root beer float. Delicious but deadly to an Asian with lactose intolerance.

Still 3-5. Andre is up to bat. He hits a huge bomb and we come alive again.  Everyone says that he is increasing his trade value.


 And the Mariners have to discuss it.


And then the Dodgers started to fight back with base hits by Crawford and Adrian.


 And then the 7th inning was over with the Dodgers still behind 4-5.  

The game became intolerably exciting at the bottom of the ninth with the score 4-5 still. And then it happened. Justin started it as he did last year with a base hit. It ended with Howie hitting a walk off base hit scoring two runs. 


As Howie says, it’s a different person every night who comes through and is the hero. But it doesn’t matter who does it, it feels like you did it because it’s the same good feeling. That’s what you call being a team when it always feels awesome.

  Last year being behind in the 9th was a sure loss. You might as well leave but this season is different. If you leave, you might miss a huge walk off.


 I always tell everyone that my favorite song is “I Love LA”. Why? Because it’s the Dodgers victory song.

Tonight is the last game of the series with the Mariners. Could the Dodgers possibly pull off a sweep of the team that is predicted to win the American League West?  More excitement to come.

I still am sad about Darwin but the win made it less painful. Thanks for stopping by. See you after the game tonight.

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