Extra innings

Usually extra innings spells doom for the Dodgers.  Actually I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the beginning..

On a regular day as today was, I usually hit the road about 2:50 pm. Yes, the game does start at 7:10.  Never know about traffic. Season ticket holders are allowed to watch early batting practice which means we can enter the stadium at 4:10. I wish the “fans” would just watch and not continually beg for balls, autographs, etc.  The idea is that we are watching. The players usually will politely say that they have  to hit or stretch. Get the hint fans”. I take the opportunity to just say hi to them or wave and try not to bother them while they are working.  Playing baseball is their job. Their goal is to win.

If you have baseline seats you are allowed to stay closer to the field and actually have some contact with the players. The ushers try to keep those unticketed people out of the area but of course there are cheaters. Why not let everyone down there? Because there would be chaos. There are also many people who are trying to get autographs just to sell. 

It was Cy Young pin day. Today it was Don Newcombe’s day.


  It was a beautiful day, a little breezy but warm.  Love my new Oaks.

  The guys were already playing catch and pitching.

  Sometimes they stand around and talk.

  And try to look interested.

  The idea is that the pitchers are supposed to catch the balls that their teammates  hit to them.

  I found Barney. I wanted him to see my shirt.

Remember the teeshirt I had made with his name on the back?


He is just too cute. He held my hand and told me he would be out on the field again. I didn’t realize he was telling me he was starting today. I was glad that I was wearing my Barney shirt, the only one in the whole stadium I’m sure since I special ordered it.


 Ron Cey stopped to say hello. I can’t believe that someone asked him to get someone else’s batting gloves for her. He is a legend. I was appalled at her request.


 I told Alex Guerrero “nice home run.” He knows enough English to figure out I said something about the game yesterday.


 The guys all were coming back into the clubhouse to get some last minute advice from Donnie.


 I saw Juan Uribe who I affectionately call Uribear. I said hi to him and he handed me his batting gloves. These sweaty used gloves are prized possessions of any Dodger fan. I clutched them to my chest and fearfully looked around hoping no one would say “hey, those were for me!”   No one was even close to me. I’m not one to ask any of the players for anything except an occasional picture or an errant autograph so I was surprised to receive the gloves.  Everyone knows i stress out getting autographs. 

I was on cloud 9. I went to the club to eat but was a little too excited.


 The fare was a tender beef roast, succulent pork loin, pasta with artichoke hearts, baby potatoes and grilled squash and eggplant. Yes, this is stadium food.  Not the usual hot dog.


 The salad was extraordinary. Thanks to my buddy chef Armando who gives the best hugs ever and always greets me with “Hi Miss Cat!”

  I went outside in time to watch Brandon McCarthy walking down the field to practice. Haha. Last time I saw him he had thrown his leg on the padding 6 inches away from me to stretch. At that time I had no idea who he was except I thought “damn he’s tall.” Well yeah, he’s 6 feet 7 inches.  He knew I would not bother him. 

  Aha and there was my Barney again doing some stretches.

  Some of the fans were complaining that Joc wasn’t signing autographs. I feel like yelling at everybody to just leave them alone. Grrrrrr. 

  I don’t know why I kept taking pics of Guerrero. Maybe I had a feeling he would be the superstar of the game.

  And there’s my sweetie Yasiel. He hit a home run yesterday and one today.  He always says “Hi Mama.” to me. I thought he was calling me mom. But my friends informed me that Latinos call even their girlfriends Mama. Yeah right.  And Tito and Tita are titles of respect for those who are older. At least Puig doesn’t call me Tita.

  Time for the National Anthem.


Howie is fast becoming a fan favorite.


 Brandon and AJ as they cross the field from the bullpen to the dugout. This is the point in the game that literally gives me chills.

Brandon spent part of the game just giving the Mariners batting practice. Four home runs later, I was wondering if there was any way we could win this game.

Brandon settled down and the Dodgers went into action.

Everyone is a little afraid of Adrian Gonzalez who was National League player of the week. He hit 5 homeruns.

  My server ordered two kinds of nachos for me. These are the throwback nachos. They are spicy. 

  The second kind of nachos are called fully loaded. You could see why they are called that.

  The baseline special was a salad with roasted butternut squash and pine nuts.

  The Dodgers didn’t give up. 

  The game was tied with a combined effort of the whole team.

  A nice tradition is the 7th inning stretch. We sing to the live organ music of Nancy Bea, a very wonderful beautiful lady. She plays Take Me To The Ball Game twice. 

  I thought a frozen yogurt would be perfect.

  By the 10th inning the bases were loaded beginning with a double by Andre Ethier. Yes, it went into extra innings which last year wasn’t a good thing.

With two outs and bases loaded Alex Guerrero who has been amazing and is only playing because Uribe and Turner were banged up in the last game in Arizona,  hit a walk off base hit.

  The team mobbed Guerrero in excitement.


It was thrilling to watch!


This years Dodgers do not give up. It would be game over for most teams with the score 0-4 but for my guys, it gets them going.

I have hopes that this win will be a glimpse of the way the 2015 season will go. 

Thanks for stopping by. Today I am a little tired. I was a little fatigued from working all night, sleeping a couple of hours  and then going to an extra inning game. But it’s a good tired. See you soon. Love you all!

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