Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

i’m a little perplexed by yesterday’s game. Clayton imploded which leaves me in a quandary. Hopefully he’s ok.  It was a little disconcerting that we would be swept by the evil D Backs. Yes, I said evil. I used to say evil Giants but somehow they can pull the World Series championship out of a hat. There is something there. I have more issues with the D Backs. So if they swept us, I might have had to crawl under a rock.

I listened to the game today with my fingers crossed. With Uribear and Justin hurt, The lineup would be a little different…the difference being Alex Guerrero. He is still out there screaming “Let me play!” 

  Hmmmm. Never smile. Ok.  He was famous for the Mike Tyson-like ear biting incident. His ear looks fine. Good thing he’s not a cat…might have affected his balance.

Alex hit his first big league home run. Congrats Alex.

Andre got to play. All you Ethier fans are happy. Andre is happy.

Joc hit a homer. Puig also hit one. My question is why do they have to hit all over the place today. Can’t they save up a couple for yesterday and tomorrow?

I have to give credit to Yasmani, our new catcher. He called a great game. He was amazing. I was all set to not like him but it’s like the song…”Getting to know you. Getting to know all about you.” He has only been very sweet to me. And something about catchers….! It goes back to my fondness for Russell Martin!

  The Dodgers are on their way home. Tomorrow they play the Mariners. I can’t wait. I miss them. I have to show Darwin my new Barney teeshirts!!

  He was in the batting circle all set to play, but alas it was not to happen today.

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow!

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