Living in California


My sister gets credit for this breathtaking picture of the beach. It’s her little refuge away from the hustle bustle of work and everyday stresses.

  She’s an expert surfer…she has all the broken toes and numerous injuries to show for it.


She’s not a baseball fan but she humors me. She asks all the right questions like “What did you eat?” And “Did you see the purple dinosaur?” She means Barney. I know she’s teasing me.

  Fed Ex just delivered my new teeshirts. Cool. Right?

I’m waiting to see the game today against the D Backs. I imagine it will be blacked out. I have which allows me to see the away games. Unfortunately they are almost all blacked out. However when they are archived, I can watch the games. I guess that’s better than having cable and it’s all blacked out.

Today is my last day of vacation. I really am not motivated to do anything. I’m getting back into Dodger mode where all I think about is Dodgers…Dodgers…Dodgers. 

I’ll get back to you after the game. Thanks for stopping by.

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