A-Gone x 3

  Of course the big story of the day was wonderful Adrian Gonzales who hit 3 home runs which totals 5 in 3 games.  It was truly unbelievable…like a dream sequence.

Adrian is a little modest. He doesn’t think of himself as a home run hitter. It was appropriate that this was the day that he was presented with both a Golden Glove award and also a Silver Slugger award.


 A little flamboyant but impressive. Add those to the ones in the great award hallway in the Dugout section.

  Along with World Series trophies



Zack also received a Golden Glove. I think we actually saw him smile when he received his award. Anyone who knows Zack knows he is very honest so when he sang praises about new , young catcher Yasmani Grandal, it said a lot. Zack doesn’t sugar coat anything.  

  Before the game Andre signed for a few kids. He is always fan friendly. He always has a nice word or two for me.

  Joseph is the usher in charge of the area by the dugout. Notice the new green shirts they are wearing. Apparently they got these shirts free from New Balance. I’m glad the shirts weren’t red. 

  The food in the club was wonderful. The fishermans’s pasta was magnificent. The chicken was delicious.

  I always love the variety of salads. Today’s fare was couscous salad, English peas with lentils, bib lettuce salad.

  I returned to the field to find some of the players were working out.



 I seem to get the back view of the players. At least you know who they are. For example, here is Jimmy Rollins.

  Howie and Carl sign almost everyday.

I haven’t gotten any autographs this season. I’ll probably compile my photos into a book and have them autograph the pictures.

Some of the fans and others have balls, huge pics, bobble heads signed by the players. Some of my friends have entire rooms dedicated to their Dodger stuff. Some others sell the autographed items on EBay.  Someone I know has over 800 balls. All I can say is “Really?” After a while the players get smart and ask them, how many autographs do you want? I’m happy when they smile at me, say hi or give me a hug.

Clayton always smiles at me and says “How’s it going?  Puig always says “hi momma”  Justin gives me a big smile. Donnie never forgets to give me a handshake before the game for luck. These are the personal times I have with my Dodgers that means more to me than any autograph.

I am appalled when the fans pester the players for autographs when they are practicing or working out. When they don’t get their autograph they say the player is not a nice guy or other rude things. I wish they would realize that the guys are working. Being a Dodger is a job and their goal is to win.

  Brandon McCarthy did a fine job. Grandal is fitting in well as catcher. I had my doubts at first but my first impression of him is that he is friendly and a sweetie. 

  This is Javier my favorite batboy. If anyone is looking for me, I sit on the 3rd base side behind him. 

 The baseline special was a salad with strawberries, avocados and English cucumbers.

  It wasn’t long before Adrian hit his first home run.

  And then a second.

  And a third.

  We all had good feelings about this game. It wasn’t a game of catchup. We were pretty much always ahead.

  I always go to the other side of the stadium near the end of the game since I park in lot K. I saw Matt out there in right field. He looked odd in Padre attire. It still makes me sad. My friends ask me if I’m over him. I will never get over the trade. He looks different in full beard and bushy hair. Maybe that’s good.

  It’s always nice when the game ends with the playing of “I Love LA” because it means we won.

So the Dodgers won the first series. It’s a good sign. They say that the Padres are the team to beat. That’s just what the Dodgers did.

No game until Monday. There is a dinner tonight at the stadium which I decided not to go to. It costs $1000 a person. I just couldn’t justify spending that much on probably baseline food. The Dodgers will be there wearing suits which I think would be weird. I love the Dodgers as Dodgers. I like to watch them play baseball not be in a Ted Baker fashion show. Some of my friends are going probably to get autographs. I am not a big fan of dressing up. I don’t even have a dress or heels. My favorite clothes are my dodger gear. Hope it goes well tonight since it is for charity.

The Dodgers will get out of their dress up duds and board a plane for Arizona where they will play the D backs. Good luck to my guys. I already miss them!!

Thanks for stopping by. 

 Dodger kitty says bye bye.

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