Opening Day

i had waited for this day to come for half a year. The night before I couldn’t sleep. I finally woke up at 3:30am. What to do?? Much too early to get dressed. My bird had the right idea. He told me in very stern tones “you’re stupid.” I know I know. I’ll be tired.

  My sister dressed her kitty up in her finest Dodger gear. She actually is happy since she is true blue although she looks a little put out. Maybe her hat is a tad tight.

I got my gear together and left about 8:00am. Never know what the traffic will be like. The gates open at 10:00 but the commuter traffic could be treacherous. The traffic was light which surprised me. I got to the stadium in about 50 minutes just a little longer than usual. But they had made a little change…they had the downtown gate roped off so the cars couldn’t line up. Traditionally we would get there very early and just chill, talking to each other, walking around and generally just enjoying Dodger talk. I usually took a nap.

I was a bit stressed since there is nowhere to park. I found a spot in the neighborhood and laid low. I ventured out at about 9:30 but it was still roped off. The guards frowned at me and said 10. I went back down the road and found that all the cars were parked in a line. Great, I thought. I found a place but someone gave me some obscene gestures that I cut in line. Oh great. I’m sure he didn’t park in lot k like I do. I parked in the red hoping the parking police didn’t arrest me.

Finally the cars started to move and I was going through the gate. I have a special place in lot k that I park. My car faces the downtown gate which leads directly to the 110 south. No pedestrians, no cars. My spot.

They installed metal detectors and they have wands. I decided for that reason I would wear jeggings (leggings that look like jeans) just so I don’t have to be searched. No metal zipper. I forgot my Tiffany bracelet. Oops. I made it through and walked through the stadium. 

Everything seemed very familiar. However when I looked out toward the field, I realized I really don’t know the new players unless they have their names on their backs. They looked very unfamiliar. I did see a familiar walk….Darwin Barney.  By the end of the season I can usually recognize the players by their walk. Otherwise everyone else’s walks looked alien.

I usually have a favorite player. Considering only 15 of the 2014 Dodgers returned, I had slim pickings unless I picked someone I knew nothing about. Matt Kemp whom I followed since 2003 was unceremoniously traded during the offseason. This trade left a huge hole in my heart as most of my friends know. I cried for a week.  I don’t necessarily pick a favorite because he is a superstar. I followed Matt through thick and thin, through injuries, slumps, victories. I was always there every game to support him. He is a superstar, with a superstar mom, Judy. I still miss him.

Darwin Barney was acquired from the Cubs, rumor being that the Dodgers didn’t want the evil Giants to get him. That’s a good enough reason. I talked to him and found him to be fan friendly, personable and Asian.  Half Japanese. Of course that half is talented and smart. Just kidding.  It doesn’t hurt that he has amazing dimples. He made the 25 man roster so he is also a noteworthy player. He had a great spring. 

I have become Darwin’s #1 supporter. I was mad at him for changing his number to 6 because I had to have another jersey made.  I also have a picture of him on my iPhone case and a Dodgers cap with his name embroidered on one side. I had two hats stolen last year so hopefully that will be a deterrent. I also won’t have Puig autograph it. Go Barney!!!!

Enough about Darwin… Time to eat. My ticket includes a nice buffet. Today we had

  Pork tenderloin and sautéed mushrooms

  There’s always a variety of salads for those of you who like rabbit food.

  Clayton Kershaw usually has a little quiet time before the game. I know he doesn’t have much at home since he and wife Ellen welcomed a baby girl during the offseason.

  Howie Kendrick came over to us and signed some autographs. I just wasn’t in an autograph mood. He held out his hand to me but I shook my head. Didn’t want one. I’m close enough to touch him.

  My sweetie pie Yasiel (Puig) also came over to sign. No not this time. People keep stealing things he autographs for me.  He’s a darling. Don’t believe anything the media writes, he is super nice.

  They then introduced the Dodgers. Can you guess who this is?

  Or this?

  I know this is Darwin…look behind him for the hint.  I guess the first player is Bank of America.



  I would guess Uribear. He doesn’t have his sidekick Dee anymore.

  I got pictures of all the players but I don’t want to bore you.

Of course what’s Opening Day without the giant flag

  And a few military 

  I love the introductions. 


 They had a couple of jets for a flyover all late. Someone must have been in the head.

  It was nice to see Eric Gagne

  And a classic car with Fernando and Don Newcombe.


 Opening Day is exciting


 Clayton is everyone’s favorite.  And he had his best friend AJ catching. 

 i had to order nachos.


 And the baseline special which happened to be more salad.



 The game was a fun game. We all were able to see the potential the Dodgers have.

Jimmie Rollins is the perfect leadoff man and surprisingly a home run hitter. He hit the winning 3 run home run which put the Dodgers ahead for good. Adrian also did what he does best…hit a home run. 

The surprising but maybe not so surprising player was Chris Hatcher who will probably be the one to fill Kenley’s shoes as closer

  Here’s Kenley with his walking boot

  And Chris Hatcher being silly with me

  I went to the club to use the facilities and my chef said to wait for the cake. Isn’t it magnificent?

  I took the first slice.


 And chef Bud gave me fresh baked cookies. I’m a little spoiled


 This is my usher John. He makes sure no one sits in my seat.  He knows how I get


 I keep looking at Matt in that Padre’s uniform thinking how wrong it looks. I will forever be sad.



 I love it when the Dodgers are victorious and the outfielders give each other a leaping high five. 

 and then I leave listening to “I love LA”. I love the song because it’s only played when we win!!

A sad note. On the way home, the traffic on the 405 was terrible. I noticed it was because someone’s dog was running down the middle of the freeway.  Please everyone tie your dog up in the car. Everyone puts their cats in kitty carriers. What makes people think a dog is smarter and won’t jump out the window?

Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow…another game with the Padres. They are predicting rain. Remember the Dodgers have not been rained out for many years. Rain delay yes but not cancelled.  Hopefully it rains after the game. We need the rain. Bye !!.

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