Dodgers at Angel Stadium

  I told myself the last time I visited Angel Stadium I would never return but I had the day off and seeing the team again just drew me in.  I was hoping I would have a better experience.

  I parked in a private lot connected to the stadium since I ALWAYS lose my car there.  Why don’t they mark their lots?

I knew there was an Oakley Store on site so I found it and bought a custom pair. It is black with blue polarized lenses. It has LA etched on one lens. The design on each side are baseballs. Very cool.


My next stop was Food Court. I never buy food at Dodger Stadium since my seat includes buffet and in seat service so it was an experience. I didn’t want a hot dog. Nothing beats a Dodger dog so I settled for real food: carne asada chile fries. Delicious.


I couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of my guys.



My seat was in row B, very close. I thought I would be very happy. Wrong. During the game an Angels fan directly behind me spoke in very loud Spanish, never about the game, but rarely stopped even to take a breath. It got worse when his friend took a seat next to me (which was not her paid seat) and started to also speak loud Spanish across me. She was very large and elbowed me several times.

I got up after a while to take a walk. My head was killing me and I rarely get headaches. It didn’t help that the game rarely went the Dodgers way. The pitching was terrible. The Angels offense and defense were super. I kept telling myself that it didn’t count.

I left early so I didn’t have to fight traffic. I still had trouble finding my car. It is terrible in the dark. I had to ask a policeman where State College was since I knew the lot was on that street. A lot of Dodger fans were also looking for their cars. I finally found it and was surprised to find tamale and taco vendors in the lot. I was in a hurry or I would have bought a couple to go. I love those vendors.

My nightmare was just beginning. Mapquest told me to take the 5 to the 91. Big mistake. White knuckle driving all the way. I’m not familiar with either freeway. I then had to take the 710. A huge van went across 3 lanes and almost took me out getting to the turnoff. My heart was in my throat and I was hyperventilating.

I finally reached home. Was it worth it going? The pluses: I adore my new Oakleys. I saw my Dodgers. The fries were yummy. The negatives: I almost got killed. The Dodgers tied.(I guess not really a negative).  The Angels fans were rude.

Yes, I’m glad I went. But next time I’ll also have misgivings about going. One time I will have a splendid game.

Thanks for stopping by. Opening Day soon!!!

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