Town Hall Meeting

That’s exactly how I feel about this time every year. I’m going through severe withdrawal from baseball. Luckily spring training is upon us along with the excitement of new players, a new season!


The take home giveaways for this dinner were the tee shirt shown above, the Dodger rally towel and a picture of myself and all the announcers from the new Dodger Network including Nomar who looked amazing in his suit, Orel Hersheiser, Charlie Steiner.

The picture will remain in the folder above since I look fat. What can I say?
The town hall meeting was by invitation only to “certain season ticket holders.” Thank goodness I was one of the chosen. It was held mainly to introduce Dodger fans to the new Dodger Network. The food was ok. Finger food like hamburger sliders, stuffed mushrooms, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, chicken sate. No dessert!!
The star of the show was Vin Scully who stole the show.

I am still in awe of Vinny who is the greatest baseball announcer of all time.

There I am almost looking like I bombed this photo. Thank you Norma. I didn’t even know she was taking this picture.

The president of the Dodger organization, co-owner Stan Kasten answered a few questions, one question concerning a sore spot among us prime ticket holders: paperless tickets. We have to either print our own or show the ticket on our smart phone. We love our box of beautiful tickets that we receive each year overnight express mail. That will be history. Mr. Kasten compared paperless game tickets to airline tickets. Whoever keeps their plane ticket as a souvenir?
It was nice to have baseball back, pitchers and catchers are at Camelback, position players slowly arriving. Matt Kemp and Puig already have arrived at camp.
Dodgers have a shot at winning it all. Most baseball publications have ranked the Dodgers at the top. It should be an interesting season.
Fan Fest was last weekend. Spring Training is starting next week. I can almost smell the Dodger grass and hear the roar of the crowd. I can’t wait!!
Thanks for stopping by. Love you all!

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