Wounded But Ok

Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, or does it?
A couple of seasons ago, a Padres foul ball wounded my left wing. And no, I didn’t get the ball. I nursed a very sore left wrist for weeks. It wasn’t fractured but still painful.
Two days ago it happened again only it was worse. A foul ball hit me in the face.
I had just talked to Dee Gordon, our young, talented shortstop
during MVP batting practice. All of a sudden a ball seemed to come from no where and hit me on the left side of the face. No one saw it coming, it must have ricocheted off something. I felt no pain but felt the impact. I tried to act like nothing happened and I was ok
but someone yelled that I was bleeding! Great I thought since I hate being the center of attention.
I have a laceration under my left eyebrow, a swollen up left eye and a huge bump on my left cheek. It hurts when I touch it but otherwise it’s just ugly.
After it happened, Dee ran all the way over to me and asked if I was ok. I kept telling him I was ok. He was freaked out, actually more than I was.
I had to go up to first aide but was the typical difficult patient. I just kept saying that I just needed a mirror and ice. Nurses are the worst and I’m no exception!

I ran into Ned Coletti, the Dodger general manager at the elevator. He found out I didn’t get the ball that hit me and sent a brand new 50th anniversary ball to me!
Dee felt so bad, he autographed a bat for me.

Thanks to everyone who helped me that day: my Dodger family including Pat, Jo, security, ushers, Prime Ticket Club (Paul, Bud, JC, Carlos) and Caroline Phillips, supervisor of premium seating who held my hand the entire time. I appreciate and love all of you.
Yesterday I saw Matt Kemp before the game. He told me he would get Dee for me. I’m so sad that he will probably be back on DL. He left the game after running from first to home after an Ethier double. I already miss him!!

I still haven’t missed a game. It would take more than getting hit by a ball to keep me away!!
Thanks for stopping by!! Hope everyone has a blessed and safe day.


  1. Mateo Fischer

    Aitch. You said that it didn’t when it hit. Does it hurt now? Also, it’s nice that you got a whole mess of things. The only stadium I go to where people get hit semi-regularly, (I also frequent both Yankee Stadium and Nationals Park, but they have protective netting down the lines) is Citi Field, and those people get nothing besides a trip to medical offices and maybe the ball. It’s funny, though. You would think there would be more people getting hurt in the outfield, since there are baseballs more frequently hit there during batting practice, but the people out are generally more alert. To an extent anyway. I know I have caught my fair share baseballs where it would have hurt the person behind me had I not caught it.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Hi Cat, I hope that black eye (if it did turn black) is healling just nicely.
    Take care. Dodgers need this one tonight before going on the road.

  3. thinkingblue16

    OMG Cat haven’t heard from you in a long time. I can’t believe you got hit again. Hope it is better NOW. The pain a fan has to go through…LOL Well hope to see you soon. I will be at the games on both Thursday and Sunday.

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