Watching BP From the Field

Yesterday was a MAGIC day. The Dodgers had a huge win. Magic was on the field. And I watched batting practice right on the field.

It definitely is a different perspective being even closer than I usually am. I’m standing with RBI leader, Andre Ethier.

The guys stretched right in front of us.

We were definitely close up!!

Mattingly stopped by to sign autographs and take pictures.

Rod Fukuzaki from channel 7 KABC
Sports was closeby so I took the opportunity to speak with him. He has always been my favorite sportscaster.

I was able to catch Dee Gordon before he disappeared, he’s so quick!. Does everyone look fat next to the slimmest MLB player?

Of course I never pass up the opportunity to stand next to my Matty.

The great Don Newcombe was walking down the field and graciously stopped for the kids. He looked at me and asked me where my ball was. I told him I didn’t have one. He said, now you do. He autographed it for me besides.

I was soooo nervous.

Mr. Newcombe threw out the first pitch
while he stood next to the widow of Jackie Robinson and Magic Johnson. It was such an honor to spend time with him.

Clayton Kershaw, our ace and last years Cy Young winner also signed some autographs and perched his glove on his head while he signed.
The night was definitely a magical one for me.
Thanks for stopping by. More to come about my #1 Dodgers!

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