At Last!!! Opening Day

At last. It was Opening Day. Everyone told me they wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before because they were so excited. I wouldn’t be able to sleep but for different reasons. I had to work. The way my luck has been going, of course it was busy. I was exhausted by the time morning came. I had to plan my time carefully..I had to shower, change to Dodger wear and change cars to my Dodger car.

My license plate is in honor of our home run hitter Andre Ethier #16 who is called “Dre” by Matty Kemp, our other home run hitter.
I was on the road to Dodger Stadium in plenty of time to spare. I always am early to everything: appointments, engagements, and work. I like to be first. Dodger games are no different.
I actually had to wait for the gates to open.
Batting practice was in full swing. It felt great to be back to the stadium.

It had the feel of Opening Day. Everyone could feel the difference. The Dodgers have been bought by an investment group including Magic Johnson. I’m hoping those who stayed away because of the previous owner will return. The players have optimism that the fans will return. Opening Day was a sellout.

The Pirates were also on the field. The Dodgers applauded former Dodger Rod Barajas when he was announced. I noticed another former Dodger, James McDonald is also with the Pirates. One of my friends Matt Peaslee writes a wonderful blog for the Pirates.
Opening ceremonies included honoring the military, always a crowd favorite.

They released doves and had a jet flyover.

The player were out in the field warming up

Here’s Andre getting ready to hit that game winning solo home run shot. His playing during ST and so far this season reminds me of the Andre of a couple of seasons ago. I heard that Matty has already asked the new owners to give Andre a contract extension.

I remembered I had to eat before the game. There was a nice sirloin roast, delicious pasta, an array of salads.

Our Opening Day pitcher was Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw.

Matty was out in the field stretching.

Signing autographs.

Andre also signed autographs for the fans- the two fan friendly players are Andre and Matt. They sign everyday.
Happy 30th birthday Andre on Opening Day. He gave us the best present with that tie breaking home run.

The military gave a nice presentation. The Dodgers honor one veteran a game. I plan on asking them to honor my Dad who fought in World War II in the famous 442nd. He is 91 years old and doing well. He follows games with me and watches them on tv with me when they are on the road.


My security person Emo who makes sure I don”t get carried away and run on the field.

I was getting excited especially when they introduced each player.


Go Matty!

Don’t you just love Dre?

I almost didn’t t catch our shortstop Dee Gordon or Skinny Swag.

I was more than ready for baseball!

Our ace and starting pitcher for opening day was Kershaw with his catcher AJ Ellis.

Matt was already to catch a few flies.

From the first pitch it was a great Opening Day. The Pirates and Dodgers played hard. I was ready for extra innings. I remember my son telling me when I first became interested in baseball…”No mom. It’s extra innings, not overtime!!!

Kershaw has a great future. I hope he will always be a Dodger.

Dee Gordon also promises to be a star with his speed and basestealing abilities.

Andre is exciting to watch. Last season he played with a sore knee and ended up going on DL.

James is still trying to find his bat. I hope he returns to the player he was at the end of last season.

Our closer Javy Guerra already has 3 saves this season. See Donny in the background?

They say Javy has nerves of steel. I remember closing my eyes last season with Broxton.

My favorite time, my favorite song…”I Love LA”when my Dodgers win!!

The Dodgers are tied for first place 4-1. A good start for the 2012 season. But no Magic for Opening Day. He was in New York watching a play.
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry for the short post. I’m still missing one night of sleep this week. Unfortunately with my work I spend a lot of time sleep deprived.
Today we meet the Pirates again with Chad pitching. So far Chad has been super.
See you tomorrow with more pictures and stuff!


  1. Rants, Raves, etc.

    That would be so cool if your Dad got honored before a game – make sure to let us know if it happens. Caught a little bit of this game on MLB network – saw Andre’s homer. They’re off to a good start.

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