First Week

Four games played with a record of 3-1. Not too bad especially considering that this was the Dodgers first games together and that they were played on the road.
One thing for certain is that Matt Kemp
Is off to a great start being proclaimed the National League player of the week with an average of .421, 2 homeruns and 8 RBIs.
Glimpses of fine performances by Skinny Swag and Mark Ellis also highlighted the week.
What we’re wondering is what happened to James Loney’s bat? Will Juan Uribe be as awful this season as he was last season? Was it a big mistake to let Kuroda go and bring in Capuano and Harang. Harang was beyond scary yesterday. Did Mattingly have to leave him in the game as long as he did?
Tomorrow is Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The Beach Boys will be performing. I have to work tonight until 8:00am and plan on leaving for the stadium at 9:00am. I guess I won’t get any sleep. Hopefully I can make it through the day.
Unfortunately there is rain predicted Tuesday but later in the evening. Maybe it won’t be too hot during the day. There is a 60% chance of rain Wednesday too. My wonderful usher Ernie had given me a rain poncho a couple of seasons ago. I keep it in my backpack just in case. I will always remember how thoughtful he always was. I miss him so much. I know he’s watching me from heaven and that he will remain in many Dodger fans’ hearts.
I painstakingly tore my tickets apart and put them along with my parking passes in my backpack. I always forget something. I’ve forgotten my camera a couple of times this past season.
I remember a couple of seasons ago I accidentally tore off the barcode on one of my playoff tickets. Luckily the ticket taker recognized me and let me in.
I have great hopes for the season. We have a fantastic start. We have Cy Young winner Clayton who pitched 3 innings and swung the bat well even while battling a stomach illness. We have NL player of the week Matty Kemp. We also have super fast Dee Gordon who gets better and better.
Life is good. Go Blue!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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