Number One

Opening day in San Diego.
Somewhat overcast which doesn’t bode well for hit balls going very far but no one told Matt Kemp that. A two run homerun to start the season capped yesterday’s game.
It helped that the Padres pitching wasn’t so great even against an ailing Clayton who hasn’t been able to hold anything down, an ailment that Dre had a few days ago. A few walks and some errors later, the Dodgers were on their way to a win.
Magic’s presence in the stands may have sparked Matty who is in awe of Sir Johnson. Maybe the fact that it’s a $2 billion team was the impetus.
Whatever it was, the Dodgers played like a winning team with huge plays by Skinny Swag and company.
A few snags which can be worked out such as the Jansen, McDougal combo which will smooth out, caused a few uncomfortable moments. Josh Lindblom did a great job and nerves of steel Javy closed out the game. Now who was Broxton? I remember closing my eyes when they called out Brox’s name and crossing my fingers.
Our bullpen will be a strong asset. Todd Coffey wasn’t even used yet. Neither was Scott Elbert just in case it’s Bad Bills pitching today.
The opening ceremony yesterday was absolutely breathtaking honoring active duty military and veterans.
Thank you Padres. I have always respected the Padres organization for the support that they have given to the military. My son and father both appreciate it.
Today will be another game in San Diego. Please let it be Good Bills on the mound.
Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the trouble to stop by.



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