Getting it Together

My season tickets came in the mail.

I immediately was in baseball mode! There’s nothing like holding those beautiful tickets in my hands. It will be a little different this season since my seat is a whole box closer to home plate. I’ll be one box further away from where Matt stretches but Exactly in front of where Dre stretches!!!

Notice how I am a little to the left of Dre as he takes his final deep breath before he gets up and turns around with that gorgeous grin of his and signs autographs. I will be directly in front of him.
My view of the game will be slightly different too. I’ll see how I like it.
I realized I had been sent parking for lot F instead of my favorite lot K.
With the nasty beating of Brian Stow by some mean guys, people have asked me if I am afraid to walk out there alone. No no no. I have walked by myself to my car since I started going to the games. My occasional companion was my 91 year old dad who would not be much help if I were attacked.
The only problem I had in all these years was the theft of my Russell
Martin license plate probably also done by nasty guys. It was sad because I honestly loved those plates. It was also a bad omen because Russell was hurt the next week sliding the wrong way into a base ending his season and also his career with the Dodgers.
My license now is in honor of Andre Ethier as everyone already knows. <;;;;;3 DRE 16.
I purchased MLB.TV for a month so I could watch the guys during ST. It made me excited to finally realize that baseball season was actually here.
Andre actually looks great. Hopefully he and James will hit better against lefties. Matt will be super hot this season.
Hopefully our pitching rotation will stay healthy and our ace Clayton continues with his stellar pitching.
I think Javy Guerra will do well as closer. He is poised and controlled.
I have a little reservation about Juan Uribe, former Giant, at 3rd base.
Dee Gordon gets better and faster.
I miss Kuroda and Casey. I hope they are happy where they are.
I am looking forward to seeing my Dodger friends including those who are part of the staff in the club.
I'm also looking forward to the delicious buffets.

This is definitely a Dodger dog!!!

I can’t wait to actually touch the Dodger dirt!!

I may get a couple of autographs this year since it is the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium. The autographs on the batting practice ball are those of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp on the same ball.

Maybe I will be on tv again!!!

I hope to get some nice close up pictures to show you.
Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!!

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