Fanfest 2012

Today was Dodgers first ever fanfest and of course I couldn’t be there!!! Why? Because it took place in Glendale AZ at Camelback and here I am in Long Beach working.
Everyone seemed to be having a great time except maybe our “skinny swag” himself who took a blow to his lip during batting practice requiring a few stitches. Poor Dee. He’s fine.

Here’s a pic taken today of Fanfest courtesy of with our Matt Kemp right in the middle having the time of his life. It just kills me that I’m not there myself taking the pictures!

Here’s another picture of Andre Ethier during the event. Apparently there were 3000 fans there. Sheesh! That’s about how many attended each game last season…. Just kidding but hope more fans come back.
Actually the weather in Arizona is too hot!!! Anyone who knows me at all knows that I cannot stand the heat of day games. ST consists of day games. Two years ago, I wilted in the sun I was glad I went. In fact, that was when I began writing this blog. I travelled a bit heavy, carrying a lap top and 20 official MLB baseballs in my luggage. No room for clothes. I ended up having to buy baseballs because I ran out!!!
The highlight of my trip did not happen during any official function. I happened to run into two young Dodger players out looking for sushi somewhere in Glendale. NO ONE RECOGNIZED THEM!!! Except MEEE of course. They were sweet and wonderful taking time to speak to me as though they were my buddies ( haha that was for you 53!!) I will never forget that. The two Dodgers were Matt Kemp, probably the best all around defensive offensive player in baseball and James Loney, first baseman, also one of my favorites. Since then Matt and Janes have recognized me and always acknowledge me. So awesome.
I came across a picture of my former Dodger sweetheart Russell Martin, now a Yankee and forever in my heart, with Joba at a game. Doesn’t Russie look nerdy but cute?

That’s Russell on the right.
First official ST game for the Dodgers will be Monday. Curious to catch a glimpse of how the season will go.
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival
of my season tickets in the mail!! Can’t wait!!
Can you believe technology? I am writing this blog while sitting in my car waiting to go in to work, ready to soon start another 12 hour shift.
Thanks for stopping by!

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