Pictures From Last Season

Last season I sat in Premium Seating. I sat in Section 39 about 3 rows back right where Andre Ethier stretches out before the game.

I have a good view of batting practice and pre game activities.


Maybe I was a little close to Matt!!!

I spent a lot of time eating the great food in the club!

And ate more….

The Dodger cupcakes were awesome.

It was so funny!! My sister took this picture of me during a game on
TV. She happened to see me and took
the picture!!

My favorite pictures were taken after a win when they were congratulating each other with “I Love LA” blaring.

Autographs autographs. This ball had a Kershaw autograph.

Shawn Green autographed his book for me!!!

There were Friday night fireworks.

The view was always good!

Oops. Here is the Shawn Green’s book.
Wordpress is giving me heartburn. It.crashed.just now so.I’ll.stop now before anything else happens. I started.the and finished it on my Nook!!!
Thanks for stopping by!! You make me happy!!!

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