The Yankees Series

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve had a few things I had to do….like work! 

The Yankees series has been a revelation.  The problems that the Dodgers have seemed to have has become worse.

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The question is how can we make the Dodgers a winning team?  Unfortunately good talent costs money and the Dodger owner (whoever that may be at thiis moment) are not willing to spend any. 

The Dodgers need pitching help:  starting and relieving.  We have only Kuroda, Kershaw, Padilla and Billingsley.  Bills is just coming off DL.   Ely and Monasterios were called into action simply because there was no one else.  Troncoso is not as good as he was last year.  Sherrill is still a nightmare.  Whenever I see him coming on the field, my stomach goes into contortions.  Hager is now a memory since he was finally DFA’d.  Kuo, Weaver and Belisario are the only relievers that are reliable.  Kuo has TLC written all over him because his arm is brittle.

To be a championship caliber team, there must be good pitching.  The Yankees series showed that the Dodgers have the offense.  James Loney was magnificent.  Reed Johnson had a great game yesterday.  Belliard came off the bench with a huge homerun.  The Dodgers also limited their errors, something that haunted them the last few games

Everyone was excited about the Yankees Series.  I was dreading the crowds.  The Dodgers have not been playing very well this month, so I just hoped that they would not be swept.  I just was hoping that our guys could make it through the Series with a win.

My week was busy, starting out with work, work, work.

Then I decided to get a new Iphone.  Liittle did I know that I would be standing in line for 6 hours.

Two days later, the phone kept telling me “No SIM card.”  It now works and I love it.  Would I stand in line again for 6 hours.  Nooooooo.

There were a few interestingl things about the Yankees series.  Number one was seeing Jane of “She Fan fame.  Jane Heller is one of my favorite people anyway.  She looked great.   Her blog is of course,

Another positive was, of couirse, seeing my friends at Dodger Stadium and also making new friends.  One of my seat partners was a nice young man from Canada named Austin.  He looked like a Dodger prospect.  He told me he was a left handed pitcher in school until he injured his shoulder. 

One thing that bothers me at the games are the #$%^&& beachballs.  There were at least 4 that bounced on me or around me.  Why would anyone bring a beachball to a baseball game? 

Something else that bothers me is the hot sun.  I spend the first two innings in the Baseline Club on Saturday.  Much too hot.  Only problem is that I ate the whole time I was in the Club.  One of the chefs asked me if I ever got full.   No, not reallyI

I have a few pictures to share but photobucket is not downloading.  I’ll add the pictures later

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  1. raysrenegade

    Was looking at a pretty amazing stat last night.
    The Dodgers have gone 0-1 against teams in their division on the road this year, second best record in the Majors (Best in the NL).
    Maybe you need to play all NL West foes on the road. That way you could stack up the wins.
    Isn’t it great if you miss a game or two that you are missed by your beaseball extended family.
    Always great to know other people see the effort and the support you show your team by missing you, or hoping all is well.

    Rays Renegade

  2. thinkingblue

    I’m glad you are back…I was missing you and your pictures. Yeah the Yankees Series was something else. I know what you mean about our pitchers (#$%^!). After being swept by the Boston I had lost hope for a Yankees win. I was OK with Friday’s loss. I did not expect the win on Saturday, which was great. Then Sunday came….(@#$%^!) we should of won that game, we should of won the series. I had hope but yeah if we don’t have the pitchers, how are the Dodgers expected to win it all. EXTREMELY HAPPY WE SWEPT THE GIANTS. But too me winning the series against the tough & great team like the Yankees was the big test and we fail. Well hope to see you soon.

  3. raysfanboy

    Glad you are back! It’s been a while! Tough series for you guys against those Yanks, especially Sunday night. But Loney was pretty awesome, as you say. I didn’t know the Reed Johnson played for you! I love that guy from his days with the Cubs. Hard-nosed and gritty. A perfect player.

    Again, glad to have you back!

  4. angelsgirl012

    no problem! It’s just good to see you back 😀 I enjoyed the Yankees Dodgers series very much! Haven’t seen that match up in a long time and it was definitely exciting! I haven’t seen that many people at dodgers stadium in a while!

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