Being Blown Away By the Angels

Billingsley and Sherrill combined to bring the Dodgers to a humiliating loss to the Angels.  The score of 10-1 was one that made Dodger fans cringe and hope that April wasn’t back again.  I am forever an optimist and Pollyanna so I just chalk it up to the doldrums after a day off. 

At least the food was great!

The Ranchero potato salad had a delicious ancho zing to it.  The black bean and corn salad was the best and I can’t say enough about that Caesar salad.

The fare was Mexican with beef fajitas, ancho encrusted turkey with herb sauce, refried beans and Spanish rice.  Good food always puts me in a better mood.

Bills actually looked like the new and improved Bills but he wasn’t so sharp.

Andre looked a bit pensive

Russell seemed to get on base but never all the way around.

Blake DeWitt can finally unpack his bag.  He won’t be sent down to Triple A again.

I’m waiting for another Matt Kemp homerun.

Maybe he needs to unwind a little

I was also waiting for Casey Blake to hit another long ball.

It’s the third annual Think Cure weekend which includes a radiothon, telethon and auction.  I bid on a couple of items hoping to win them.  I’ll let you know.  Several doctors and nurses were honored on the field for their work and research.  They all threw out the first pitch.

Before the game, Matty and Casey were joking around with Torii Hunter, a good friend of Matty’s.

A pic of Ronnie Belisario who has been fantastic as reliever

Giving each other encouragement in the bullpen before the game

Russell and Chad walk to the Dugout from the Bullpen before the game

Matt waiting to run on the field

Chad throwing the first pitch

Another view of Chad

The great Hideki Matsui who hit a 3 run double.  Don’t you miss him, Jane?

Andre at bat

The Angel dugout

Andre was a little subdued and sat in the Dugout

It must have seemed like the game lasted an eternity to Andre

Manny running to first base

Andre out in the field waiting for the game to finally end

Blowing bubbles to pass the time

Finally the last run into the Dugout.  I think I spent most of the game with my blanket over my head or up in the Baseline Club getting more food.  I’ll look like a blimp if the Dodgers don’t start winning again.

The Dodgers are now back to being tied for first place with the Padres who scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth in their game with the Mariners to win.  Those Padres just can’t seem to stop. 

Tonight will be another game with the Angels, the second in a 3 game series.

I have my fingers crossed that John Ely can pitch well.  There is talk that Vicente Padilla will soon be back but no one is in a hurry since Carlos Monasterios is doing so well. 

The win depends on the pitching.  It also depends on the offense, getting runs in.  I guess that is a simple take on winning

My big question was why did Joe Torre bring Sherrill out  with a winnable 1-4 score?  I would’ve liked to see red hot Kuo to make the final out.  3 runs later, I’m sure everyone is shaking their heads, mine was under my blanket after that.   Sherrill was dismal before going on DL with a lack of confidence.  Now his ERA is 7.80 after walking Abreu.

Thanks for stopping by.  I did have fun last night, eating, talking to my friends, and taking fantastic pictures.

Go Dodgers!!!!







  1. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the blowout. And yes, I do miss Matsui. I bet Torre missed him too after that homer. But I’m glad to see him playing well and I hope he’s happy with the Angels. Good luck for the rest of the series and thank goodness for all that incredible food!

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Ouch!! Tough weekend for sure. But now I’m going to freak out if I don’t have a fajita in the next 10 minutes!

  3. thinkingblue

    CAT…it was a long weekend! I couldn’t watch! I was there for Friday’s game. I’m still waiting on another ANDRE ETHIER homerun and/or walk-off. OMG how can the Halo’s swept us. WHERE WERE THE DODGERS AT?
    Great pictures. I kinda like Russell with more facial hair…LOL not just the upper lip stach…LOL Questions: Does the restaurant serve different types of food EACH GAME? Or is it just a big selection? I just keep seeing different kinds of foods on your pixs. GREAT SELECTION!

  4. raysrenegade

    If I ever get to LA for a series, I have to book that night a passage on the Cat Culinary Cruise.
    Not only do you make the food sound…well yummy, but the photos made me run out and buy a Chipotle Grill burrito. Anco anything would taste good, even a flip flop.
    Sorry the Boys in Blue did not reward such a great food fest with a “W” for dessert.
    Worst thing is the Inter-League games count, so they have to buckle down and win a few more to ease the pain.
    Again, you got me hungry, so I better go before my stomach boycotts again.

    Rays Renegade

  5. crazy19canuck

    Cat …
    Hi! I’m still here…just really really busy. I got to see one of those Freeway series games. What happened to Ethier? I was hoping to see him hit one out of the park! Hope you guys can recover from the sweep.

  6. diamondgirl55

    Cat! I love you for always keeping in touch with me 🙂 I’m around for sure, just haven’t had the time to write much. How are you doing? My Mom is good and she actually asked me to get Mariners tickets for the summer while my family is here. HA, I knew she loved watching Ichiro (she just never would admit it 🙂 ) hehe!! How are you doing? Sorry about the blow out…if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I’m your girl. All I’ve been doing is crying all season thanks to the Mariners, anyway 🙂 Yes, I’m a little bitter. xoxo

  7. thinkingblue

    CAT – Finally we get a win. Hope you are having a great week. Are you attending the Yankees series….if so HAVE FUN! GO DODGERS!

  8. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Hi CAT!!
    Jane, She makes me so hungry when she posts pics of all that food! It sounds like everyone met up and had a blast!

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