Time For Celebration

For the first time since 1988 the Dodgers swept the St. Louis Cardinals at Dodger Stadium.  Time for celebration

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The victory last last was spurred by a 2 run homerun by Manny Ramirez and four hits by first base James Loney.  The Dodgers are now one full game over the San Diego Padres who were rained out in New York.

Sherrill, seen on the right, is off DL.

Belisario, out of the bullpen, has been amazing.  The performance by the bullpen has been one of the keys to winning.

Here is a shot of the bullpen running back in after batting practice.

Clayton Kershaw has had super starts. 

Blake DeWitt

Casey Blake during warmups

Russell Martin smiling.  He is relieved that the 3 year old girl who was hit in the head by his batting practice foul ball is doing well.  He is planning on visiting her and giving her a big hug when she feels better.  He will not talk about whether he will pay for her surgery saying that that is a private matter. 

Russell Martin

Matt Kemp

Russell and Clayton having a talk on the way to the dugout from the bullpen

Clayton throwing his first pitch


Manny  during a light moment

Manny right before his homerun

James sprinting to first base

The Dodgers were able to get the better of Adam Wainwright who allowed eight hits and five walks.

James Loney looking toward me

Matt Kemp on base

Albert Pujols getting a base hit in the ninth inning

Poor Holliday was razzed by Dodger fans in Mannywood especially when he bobbled a ball hit toward him which was very reminescent of that misplayed ball during the playoffs


There was a scare in the ninth inning when Molina hit a two out ground rule double which both Matt and he tried to catch with Andre hitting the right field wall.  Andre was very slow getting up.  It’s good that neither player caught the ball or the Cardinals could have scored.   Andre is probably sore today.  Luckily today is a day off.

One item of good news:  Andre Ethier’s brother Devon was signed in the 32nd round by the Dodgers as pitcher/outfielder.  Andre describes him as being his opposite: an Ethier who won’t give the staff any problems.  Andre happens to be one of the nicest guys in the Dodger organization, by the way.

Andre walking back to his spot after one of his fantastic catches

It’s funny.  When they play “Iron Man” and open the gate to let Broxton out, it’s like they’re letting the bull out of the pen.  He’s very big and scary.

Note the difference in size between Russell who is average height and Broxton.

He is known for his 100mph fastballs

Broxton got his save but made the game exciting allowing that Pujols basehit and the Molina two out ground rule double.

Today is a day off which is good.  They played their longest homestand..13 games in a row without a day off. 

When they play again, it will be a series against the Angels.  The Angels always play well at Dodger Stadium so it should be a nerve wracking series.

Tonight I will be going to work.  Then I will be ready for more Dodger baseball.  Thanks everyone for your prayers for the little girl. 

Hopefully your team is playing well

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay pumped up until the next game.















  1. Jane Heller

    Wow – a sweep of the Cardinals! Now if only the Dodgers could do that in the playoffs. My friend is going to the Dodgers-Angels game on Sunday with her daughter. She’s a Dodger fan and her daughter loves the Angels, so it should be interesting!


  2. angelsgirl012

    oh my! Dodgers are hot and they’re facing my team next! It’s always fun to play the Dodgers 🙂 We got a little rivalry thing going. Unfortunately I can’t go to any games this weekend! I want to see you in person to and thank you for being so nice to me. Oh well maybe we can meet some other time.

    I’m glad the 3 year old is okay! That is just a scary thought. The poor thing 😦 That really must have been scary and heart breaking for Russell too. Glad it’s not as bad as it could have been.

    Can’t wait until the series starts~


  3. southernbelle

    Cat: Aw, Andre’s brother is going to be a Dodger too! I hope he remains in the organization with Andre. And OMG I knew Broxton was big, but he’s seriously HUGE. Very intimidating on the mound. Congrats to your Dodgers!

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