Finally In First Place

How fitting that last night would be the night that the Dodgers took over sole possession of first place in the Western Division.

It was Jonathan Broxton Bobblehead night.  He earned his 15th save of the season.  He struck out the amazing Albert Pujols

It was also a night of amazing eating.  The salad was wonderful.  It consisted of the pasta salad, a delicious tomato and red onion concoction and the famous Caesar salad.

The deep fried turkey was so good that many went back for more.  It was served with french fried sweet potatoes and herb grilled vegetables.  Also included were cheeseburger sliders.  It definitely was one of the best fare I have had.

I tore myself away from the buffet table in time to see Andre out on the field stretching.  A woman standing next to me kept saying that they were out there teasing everyone.  I suppose she meant that the players were that close to us.

Matt Kemp was out there being stretched by the trainer..  Talk about flexible


It was great to see Casey Blake back in the lineup.  At least he didn’t have to go on DL

Andre in a quiet moment.  The lady standing next to me was saying “What is he doing?  Praying?” in a loud voice.  I have to admit she was a little over the top with her comments.  Chalk it up to being overexcited about being this close to the players.

Andre has not hit a homerun since coming off the DL with a fractured right pinky.  His batting average has been .188 since coming back.  Last night he did well hitting three for four.

It was a pitcher’s duel between Chris Carpenter and Hiroki Kuroda.  There were 7 scoreless innings.  Kuroda-San pitched better than he has in quite a while.

It was exciting watching two fanastic pitchers.

Here is Kuroda-San throwing out his first pitch.

A view of Pujols striking out

But the hero of the game was Manny Ramirez who hit a double in the 8th inning finally batting in Raffy Furcal.

Manny fixing his do

Matty kicking the grass while waiting

Raffy with a big smile on his face while batting

Our all star Andre Ethier up to bat

Russell making a face after fouling off a ball

Another picture of Russell on base

Manny waiting.


Manny waiting for the Cards to decide what to do

Still waiting.  Although Manny doesn’t have the bat he used to have, he still causes other teams to scramble when he is up.

This time he hit the double, left the game with Reed Johnson as pinch runner

Andre on first base.  Note he is not wearing his cap.

Russell running to Broxton to have a discussion.  Broxton has been lights out. 

Here he is striking out Pujols

Strike One

Strike Two

Strike three

OK Andre, two out.  Talk about multi tasking.  He is also blowing a bubble and probably eating sunflower seeds

Andre always jumps over third base when he runs in.  I wonder if that is one of his superstitions.  Watch him during a game.

Holliday at bat

Hong-Chih Kuo had the win after pitching a scoreless 8th inning.  Kuroda-San was absolutely wonderful.  Broxton was Broxton with the save.

Tonight will be the last game of a 3 game series with the Cardinals.  Kershaw will be pitching for the Dodgers, Wainwright for the Cardinals.  It will be another game with two amazing pitchers.

It turns out that the foul ball that hit the 3 year old girl during batting practice was hit by Russell Martin.  She had to have surgery after suffering a depressed skull fracture.  Russell has offered to pay for the surgery.  I know he feels terrible about it.  Prayers for the little girl and her family.  Again, I implore all parents, watch your children, especially in the field sections.  Don’t take your eyes off the ball,, ever.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great baseball day!












  1. thinkingblue

    Some many reasons to be GLAD!
    Glad the little girl is doing fine. I did hear that Russell will be visiting the little girl and I’m sure he will give her a lil’ something! Her dad did mention for Russell NOT to worry and that she is fine and for him to concentrate on the Game.
    Glad that Kuroda did a great job, YUP both pitchers did!
    Not so GLAD about your food pictures….LOL…it is lunch time and they look soooooo good!
    Glad Broxton got a great closer on his bobblehead night!
    And I am most GLAD that we are #1 AGAIN! And hopefully Dodgers can protect their #1! GOOOOOO DODGERS!

  2. devilabrit

    I wish I could say it was cause the Phillies beat the Padres, but a 50/50 split is better than nothing, your guys will have good practice at the Cards come October….. love AP swinging, swinging, still swinging…LOL

    Phillies Outside

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