Wings Wings Here We Come

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Tomorrow we are going to Claim Jumper Restaurant to claim our buffalo wings.  The score tonight was 12-4.  Anytime the Dodgers score 10 runs, the fans are treated to chicken wings. 

The hero of the game was Blake DeWitt who was responsible for 5 runs, one being a 3 run homerun. 

Carlos Monasterios has suddenly become the fifth SP for the Dodgers.  His record is now 3-0. 


Suddenly everything is falling into place.

Here is a picture of my friends Roni and Rosa.  Rosa is retiring from teaching high school math this month.  Happy Retirement, Rosa

Here is a pic of last nights hero, AJ Ellis.  He caught tonight as well.  He said that there is nothing as scary as having Matt Kemp charging you after a win.  They don’t call Matt Kemp bison because he’s a little guy. 

Here is flexible Andre doing his stretching before the game

And an even more flexible Matty Kemp

Raffy Furcal warming up.  He finally seems to be healthy again.

Blake DeWitt before the game.  He grew up rooting for the Cardinals.

Our fantastic bullpen.  John Link did a fantastic job tonight.  He may be sent down again when George Sherrill comes back from DL.  Charlie Hager is on DL again with a sore right big toe. 

Before the game, the Dodgers and Cardinals were yakking it up.

My favorite Matty

Right before the National Anthem was sung

Man, something is in my cap!

It’s still in there

It’s still annoying me

The walk from bullpen to dugout by AJ Ellis and Carlos Monasterios

Matty bouncing on the steps of the Dugout ready to run on the field

Signing a ball for a little guy


I love this picture of Andre tossing a child up before signing his ball

Manny running on the field

First pitch

The fantastic Albert Pujols

Andre trying to avoid a close pitch

And finally walking

Wonderful Blake DeWitt just minutes before hitting his homerun

Reed Johnson took Manny’s place in left field.  I wonder if the drunk fans sitting behind me noticed

Time for a pitching change.  Monasterios pitched a fantastic 6 innings.

Joe Torre handing the ball to Justin Miller who made me nervous

The outfield consiting of Johnson, Kemp and Ethier waiting for the pitching change

Moments before the Dodger win.

The Dodgers are still 1/2 game behind the Padres who can’t seem to lose.  The Dodgers and Padres have the best record in the National League.

During batting practice, a 3 year old girl was hit on the side of the head by a foul ball.  It knocked her off her feet.  She is at Children’s Hospital.  Please pray for her and her family.  And please everyone, if you bring your little ones to the ball park, watch them closely and do not let them stand alone when the ball is in play. 

I was a bit annoyed by the drunk fans who were sitting behind me.  They did not ruin the game for me but they certainly tried.  There’s nothing like having someone put a minature bat in front of my camera while I am taking pictures.  And , no, I don’t want to take a picture of anyone that drunk!!  Don’t even ask me.  One of them was kicked out because he stood up and said a few four letter words.  When I changed my seat before the 8th inning to go to the other side of the stadium as I usually do, one of the drunks said to me, “You can’t be a true Dodger fan, leaving now.”  Boy, if he only knew.  It was a relief to leave my season seat just to have some peace and quiet during the game

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 Tomorrow’s game with the Cardinals will be Jonathan Broxton bobblehead night.  Yaaay.  I will be sitting in Baseline again.  So I will be eating in the club .  Can’t wait.

Hopefully the Dodgers still have some offense left.  Pitching will be scary.  Chris Carpenter will be pitching for the Cardinals. 

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  You always make my day.





















  1. thinkingblue

    WOW CAT….I will be praying for the little girl and her family. HOT wings sound good, it’s about time they score over ten! Now we need their winning streak to be in the teens! Great pictures…love them all. And hey DeWitt had to impress his team at heart! GREAT JOB DEWITT! Cardinals are rested and will be giving the Dodgers a fight. GOOOOO DODGERS – YOU CAN DEW-ITTTTT!

  2. Jane Heller

    Sorry to hear about that little girl. I hope she’ll be okay. So the Dodgers give the fans free food when they score 10 runs? That’s a great deal! Too bad about the drunks behind you. So annoying. Enjoy the wings – and the game.

  3. angelsgirl012

    I liked the picture of Matt tumbling 😀 Looks like yoga! Very.. flexible indeed because I can’t do that haha.

    Oh dear that is so shocking that actually happened. I’m glad she’s okay now though (i read your more recent post).

    free food? 10 runs or more? Food food food. I want some food LOL Though i’m vegetarian and I don’t eat buffalo wings….

    oh the drunks just ruin all the fun

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